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If you want to create the kind of leaders, organizations, and impact the world needs, our team can help you to lead the way.
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Leadership Expertize Honed Over 20 Years

Our team were pioneers of the early coaching movement in Europe, and our leadership expertize is informed by the deep understanding formed at that time. We also bring over 20 years of experience providing transformation services and systems-level change.

Global Quality Delivery
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Service Continuum from Leadership Development to Cultural Change

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Evolving from Personal to Transpersonal
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Some of Our Clients

Develop Advanced Stages of Leadership Expertize

Over 20 years of learning and transformation has taught us that to see the most advanced development in leaders, and see the most sustainable change, we take a post-conventional approach to development.

Our personal to transpersonal approach takes people on a journey towards an advanced stage of leadership expertize – one where they empirically score higher on 360° assessments, create more meaningful relationships, become better organizational developers, and become oriented to more advanced sustainability policies and strategies.

A Global Seal of Quality

TPCL is an international team with deep business transformation, cultural change and leadership expertize. With a close network of locally managed partnerships across the world, we co-design interventions and support each other with sector-specific leadership expertize.

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Our Purpose

We’ve worked with diverse organizations across the globe, enabling them to evolve with purpose, revert crisis and rise to new levels of impact.

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Our diverse team of experts over the globe have over 20 years’ experience of co-designing solutions to complex organizational challenges. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Working with TPC Leadership

See how we partner with corporates, startups, medium-sized companies, non-profits, and public sector organizations across the globe, delivering leadership development, cultural change and executive leadership services.

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