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To lead with purpose, we must become centered in the storm, go beyond the horizon of what we know and create new systems capable of sustainable growth.

Does Your Organization's Culture Need to Change?

Cultures emerge and develop organically over time. The longer your organization exists, the more it scales, and the greater the challenges placed before it, the greater your need will be for strategic cultural change. Ask yourself:

  • Is our organizational culture actually supporting our strategy?
  • How can we align the way our people think and act with our organizational values?
  • What systems, processes, and governance structures stand in the way of change?

How We Approach Cultural Change

Many cultural assessments and interventions only examine the horizontal dimensions of a culture. What makes a clan culture different from a customer-focused culture, for instance, or what factors will lead to greater employee engagement?


But at TPC Leadership we also look at the vertical development of your culture: the stage of its evolution, how it can self-actualize, and how it can transition to thrive in its macro environment.

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The Purpose Challenge
How effective is your shared vision and mission? Is it aligned with your people’s sense of purpose? What would your organization be like if it fulfilled its potential?
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The Culture Hurdle
Organizational cultures are often shaped by historical systems and outdated thinking. When innovation, inclusivity or engagement is below what we desire, we need to review our culture and its architecture.
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The Collaboration Deficit
Teams can stagnate or deteriorate, even in highly successful organizations. To give your people what they need to evolve, you need to get beneath the surface of what’s happening.
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The Consistency Gap
Too often, leaders are unconsciously driven to act in ways that don’t align with an organization’s culture – or even with their personal values. When culture isn’t lived by all, we need to ask what’s causing the disconnect.
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The Leadership Block
To address the gap between what organizations have and what they need, radical change leadership is required at all levels.

Some of Our Clients

Stories of impact

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Why TPC Leadership?

For the last two decades, our people have been working with leading organizations to unpick unhelpful paradigms and systems, measure what matters, and create better outcomes for people, the planet and stakeholders.

How We Work With Clients

Formed over more than 20 years, our whole-business approach to solving challenges is results-oriented, designed to take your people and systems inside out to lay a foundation for sustainable change.

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