Cultural Change

Develop a culture that enables your organization to be effective in any macro environment.

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Does Your Organization's Culture Need to Change?

Cultures emerge and develop organically over time. The longer your organization exists, the more it scales, and the greater the challenges placed before it, the greater your need will be for strategic cultural change. Ask yourself:

  • Is our organizational culture actually supporting our strategy?
  • How can we align the way our people think and act with our organizational values?
  • What systems, processes, and governance structures stand in the way of change?

How We Approach Cultural Change

Many cultural assessments and interventions only examine the horizontal dimensions of a culture. What makes a clan culture different from a customer-focused culture, for instance, or what factors will lead to greater employee engagement?


But at TPC Leadership we also look at the vertical development of your culture: the stage of its evolution, how it can self-actualize, and how it can transition to thrive in its macro environment.

Get the Co-Designed Solution You Need

To create a sustainable cultural change, you first need to seek out the existing values and strengths of your organization, unearthing its sense of identity. You can then explore how to bring the best of your organization’s history into its future.

Cultural Articulation

Define the change you need to see in your culture and enable your people to identify ideas, systems and actions that no longer align with your values, purpose and vision.

Organizational Culture Assessment

Measure your culture so that you can define a baseline, respond to your organization’s needs, and track the impact of your initiatives over time.

Cultural Activation

Co-design a blueprint for a cultural shift and a strategy for how it can be rolled out, lived out and sustained at all levels of your organization.

Cultural Transformation

Produce an organization-wide shift that supports, values and rewards the change you wish to see, sustaining it through transformational leadership and governance structures.

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Our cultural change solutions are part of a whole-business approach that helps you deliver on your organizational strategy. Starting from the inside out, our approach is measured, experiential, and sustainable.
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