How We Work With Our Clients

Our approach has been formed over two decades of tracking behavioural change, asking the uncomfortable questions, and taking TPC Leadership’s clients through crisis, evolution and onto greater heights.
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How We Deliver on Our Promise

Laying a foundation for sustainable change.

1. We stay results-oriented

A different approach to leadership helps produces better organisations. Equally, better organisations enable and sustain different leaders. We want to capture that balance and learn from it.


We start all our interventions with an understanding of where your leaders and your organisation stand. We use this information to help you plot a course for your journey. We also use it to assess outcomes, both in leadership behaviours and in business achievements, throughout the journey.

2. It's a whole-business approach

Our interventions are typically part of a wider approach to transformation, looking at the whole organization. We most often intervene in the following areas:
  • Articulation of purpose, vision & mission
  • Articulation of desired culture and associated behavioral expectations
  • Leadership development, often including various forms of individual coaching
  • Team performance acceleration, often including team coaching
  • Embedding leadership behaviors

3. We take your leaders inside-out

By lasering in on the source of mindsets and unconscious behaviours, we ensure that a leader’s development stands the test of time – translating from a personal to a relational, team and organisation-wide impact.


  • We help leaders to:
  • Put a name to their values and what drives them
  • Build capacity to find meaning in the everyday
  • Never lose sight of their higher purpose


This personal to transpersonal approach takes people on a journey towards an environment where they empirically score higher on 360° assessments, create more meaningful relationships, become better organisational developers, and become oriented to more advanced sustainability strategies.



We help people to get clarity on who they are, their sense of purpose and how they can achieve what they want to achieve. Unless leaders build on a foundation of personal leadership – or self-leadership – they cannot hope to see enduring change elsewhere.


Relational leadership hinges on personal leadership but it involves others. We help leaders to examine how, through the way they behave, they influence and lead others with emotional intelligence to achieve goals together.


Team leadership is a matter of how people exercise relational leadership within the context of a group with formal authority dynamics, whether the team is self-organising, part of a matrix organisational structure, or has a more traditional hierarchy.


We help people to examine and change how they interact with wider systems, particularly when they have a large sphere of influence due to a formal position or simply because of the far-reaching nature of their role or platform.”

4. Everything is grounded in real experience

Our leadership development interventions are never standalone projects or isolated processes. 20 years of coaching leaders has taught us that experiential learning is crucial to create sustainable outcomes.

  • Our clients benefit from an experiential learning cycle that may include:
  • Core competency workshops
  • On-the-job support
  • Structured outcome tracking
  • Structured learning journeys
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Technology that fosters continuous learning

Whether we’re enabling leaders to reach personal goals or teams to find synergy, our learning cycles are co-designed with you, so you can sustain the impact we create long after we have left.

Translating Our Framework to Our Services

While we structure our services around a number of core areas, our primary purpose is to work with you to construct a solution that meets your specific needs and goals.

Leadership Development

Nurture a different kind of leader, enabling your people to build resilience, find deeper meaning in what they do, and rise to their potential.

Cultural Change

Build a different kind of environment where skilled leaders can emerge, morale can remain high, and brilliant ideas can come from anywhere, even in the face of uncertainty.

Executive Leadership

Role-model and articulate the radical change you wish to see, so that everyone in your organization has a clear and inspiring example to follow.

Success Stories

We’ve worked with corporates, startups, medium-sized companies, non-profits, and public sector organisations across the globe.

Why TPC Leadership

For the last two decades, our people have been working with leading organisations to unpick unhelpful paradigms and systems, measure what matters, and create better outcomes for people, the planet and stakeholders.

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Let’s Talk

Our diverse team of experts over the globe has over 20 years’ experience of co-creating solutions to complex organisational challenges. Get in touch to see how we can help.
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