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We are passionate about making a positive impact in the world through leadership development, enabling leaders at all levels to lead with purpose and create sustainable leadership cultures where people thrive.

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Executive Topics

Executive Topics

We consult with and support your organisation to implement a strategic mindset, the right culture and capabilities - and to measure their effectiveness.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

We engage with your leaders, teams or organisation to build capabilities, drive business success and enable people to find meaning and purpose in what they do.

Coaching Services

Coaching Services v2

Our coaching services help to liberate potential in you, your teams and your organisation.

Professional Services Development

Professional Services - PS

A series of tailored leadership development programmes created specifically for those working in Professional Services.

Leading with Purpose - what our clients say

[...] Very good team results were obtained in the facilitated workshops, creating the environment for knowledge sharing, enhancing collaboration within the executive team, as well as in the coaching and consultancy sessions. We assess that our collaboration has brought consistent and long-term improvement to our organisational performance and culture. As such, we openly recommend TPC Leadership’s services and expertise.

CEO - European NGO

TPC Leadership develops leaders with a heart for leaders AND their organisations. They are engaged and passionate in what they do. They focus on the individual, but will always keep the vision and objectives of the organisation into account.

Janna Kramer, Learning & Talent Development Leader

EY - Netherlands

What I like about TPCL is that they commit to you. I know that my coach is actively listening. I know that he cares about his clients. I know that he hasn’t lost his appetite, nor his motivation, nor his interest.

David Sloman, Chief Executive

NHS Whittington Trust

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Our global team of partners has over 200 years' experience of working with individuals, teams and organisations.

We'd be happy to talk to you about your own requirements and goals, and craft a solution that is specific to your situation.


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