The Consistency Gap

Too often, leaders are unconsciously driven to act in ways that don’t align with an organization’s culture – or even with their personal values. When culture isn’t lived by all, we need to ask what’s causing the disconnect.

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The Cognitive Dissonance Challenge

Many organizations experience a gap between the culture they desire and talk about, and the culture that their people uphold in reality. To be effective, this cognitive dissonance needs to be addressed.


You might need to execute on greater innovation, agility or efficiency, but strategy will always be ineffective unless your people have organizational leadership capabilities to deliver on that strategy over the long term.

The State of Many Leaders

  • Burned out
  • Swept along by circumstance
  • Cognitive dissonance
Does this sound all too familiar?

To go beyond the horizon of your last plan, you need a different kind of leader. People who are self-aware, and have the organizational leadership to recognize the impact of complex interdependent systems, and who can construct an innovative path forward.

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How We Help You Start the Journey

It’s not always easy to diagnose what your organization needs internally. Through conversations with your leadership team, we get to know your purpose, your culture, your strategy, your mission – and we sift through what is really at stake.


Through surveys, focus groups and other means we also go beyond the boardroom to understand perspectives and perception at all levels of your organization.


We then combine top-down and bottom-up information to provide an initial understanding of the status quo. Which we then reflect back to you… and the journey begins.

How to Tackle the Consistency Gap

The Behaviors Block

To sustain a shift in behaviors, organizations need to create a support structure, as well as measure the capabilities and actions of their people in a way that goes beyond standard performance reviews.

Culture and Systems Derailers

If people are going to inspire relationally, lead with agility, and hold multiple perspectives in balance to make better decisions, they need systems and a culture that supports, values and rewards this type of leadership.

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Our interventions are part of a whole-business approach that helps you deliver on your organizational strategy. Starting from the inside out, our approach is measured, experiential, and sustainable.
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