Cultural Transformation

Envision what it would be like if everyone in your organization could think disruptively, act strategically, and collectively fulfill your organization’s purpose.
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How to Lead a Successful Cultural Transformation

To create a sustainable cultural transformation, you need to take a whole-organization approach. An effective cultural transformation will also always find its basis in your organization’s history, values, purpose and mission. Then the cultural change needed should be defined and articulated to support the broader business transformation strategy.


Ultimately, you will need to create a place where performance and creativity can flourish – and where a different kind of leader can thrive. Leaders who know their purpose and understand the synergies of people, planet and an organization’s broader stakeholders.

How We Approach Cultural Transformation in Your Organization

Cultural transformation is part of a whole-business approach that helps you deliver on your organizational strategy. Starting from the inside out, our approach is measured, experiential, and sustainable.

Structures and Systems

An organization’s culture will always be tied to the KPIs, processes and structures that support or undermine it. To ensure your culture isn’t dragged back to its former state during periods of high pressure, we pinpoint the systems that need to change and we help reimagine them.

Leadership Development Programs

An organization cannot perform at a level higher than the consciousness of its collective leadership. Our leadership development programs take your leaders inside out, assessing their ways of thinking and acting, and coaching them to better understand their drivers and adopt new habits.

Coaching Programs

By building your own internal team of coaches, and a coaching culture, you create a long term solution for your people to keep undertaking vital self-reflection. This is essential for deconstructing unconscious biases, and finding a way to embrace diversity in all its dimensions in the dual interests of individual fulfillment and organizational success.

Change Agent Training and Coaching

Change agents are early adopters who lead the way for others, regardless of their formal role, and they’re essential to any change process. We work with you to identify these change agents, engage them in the change design, and support them to help others adapt to change.

Ways-of-Working Initiatives

As an organization grows and develops, it can unconsciously hold onto ways of working from a different strategy, culture and time. We identify where these practices are leading to unhelpful outcomes, and support your teams to test and adopt new ways of working.

Implementing Communication Plan

Different cultures are formed when organizations adopt a different kind of thinking – and this thinking needs to be reinforced in language and communication. We work with your HR and communications teams to ensure your people understand and resonate with the changes taking place.

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Get Beneath the Surface of the Problem with Us

At TPC Leadership, we’ve spent over 20 years unraveling why leaders, teams and executives act and think the way they do, as well as co-designing systems that redefine what’s normal for us and our organizations.
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Meet Our People

Our professionals draw on a wide range of disciplines – business, education, philosophy, psychology and neuroscience – to support clients all over the world. Many coaches have completed post-graduate studies or are members of psychologist colleges in their own regions. Other professionals have significant business experience gained in organizations around the globe in a variety of sectors.

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Our articles draw on a wealth of frontline experience with corporates, startups, medium-sized companies, non-profits, and public sector organizations across the globe.

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