UK Coaching Programme For A UK Law Firm – Case Study


National UK Law Firm coaching programme for Board Members and Office/Sector Heads and Senior Partners.


Business context & drivers for the organisation 

The coaching programme was sponsored by the Board to provide support to high performing partners with specific delivery challenges, important strategic projects or difficult relationships to manage.  The coaching offered them the opportunity to step back, become more strategic in their approach, as well as build personal resilience and consider their wellbeing. 


Objectives/required outcomes for the client

Using TPC Leadership’s high quality, experienced coaches with senior gravitas and credibility, we provided virtual and face-to-face coaching tailored specifically to the Partner’s needs.  

The coaching sessions were to focus on various issues as outlined below. 

  • Strategic relationship building
  • Managing personal wellbeing and building resilience
  • Succession modelling
  • Challenging the current thinking
  • Managing difficult relationships
  • Objective sounding-board and thought partner
  • Project delivery



Each coachee was offered a variety of coaches from which they were invited to have chemistry sessions to ensure the right fit before starting their coaching engagement.  Having selected their coach, they contracted to work together for six x 2 hour coaching sessions. 

All coaching engagements for this client followed a similar pattern:

  • Session 1: the coach/coachee would have a 1:1 meeting to identify the areas in which they felt they needed support. 
  • Following session 1: the coach/coachee and any additional stakeholder would review together with the coachee their progress and implementation of key learnings.  
  • The final session focussed on reflection and takeaways as well any actions to be taken forward.



  • It was reported both by coachees and sponsors that coaching contributed to increased strategic clarity and alignment to corporate goals
  • Partners reported being better able to focus on their wellbeing needs

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