Open Enrolment Programs

Take your individual learning to the next level

Our open enrolment programs focus on developing key management and leadership capabilities in people with very diverse backgrounds. We offer scheduled multisession programs in various languages across the globe, both in-classroom and online. Our individual and team coaching open enrolment programs are accredited with prestigious international bodies including the ICF and the EMCC.

Our Executive Coach Training programs range from short programs intended to introduce you to the concepts and techniques of coaching, through to programs lasting several months from which you will emerge as an accredited coach. You’ll be able to choose between receiving the TPC Leadership Certificate of Attendance or completing the requirements of the ICF or the EMCC, depending on which program is right for you.
Over the last 20 years we have trained thousands of people as coaches. We have a range of mentoring and supervision programs to help you continue your development as a coach.

We have been developing leaders and coaches since 2000, working with thousands globally across many geographies and sectors. Our Leadership Skills Training programs are intended to offer practical skills and enable leadership behaviors in leaders at all levels.

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Executive Coach Training

Transformational Leadership Coaching (ICF)

Integrate high quality coaching into your leadership with our ICF Level 2 accredited coach training program.

Coach Practitioner (ICF)

Deliver extraordinary coaching results with our ICF Level 1 accredited coach training program.

Coach Practitioner (EMCC)

Unlock the potential of those around you with our EMCC Coach Practitioner qualification.

Foundation Coaching Skills (EMCC)

Lay the groundwork to increase your effectiveness with our EMCC Foundation Coaching Skills program.

Transformational Team Coach Training (ICF)

Synergize the strengths of teams with our ICF accredited AATC program.

Mentoring and Coaching Supervision

Mentor Coaching

Reflective practice to deepen your coaching knowledge and skills.

Group Supervision for Coaches

Develop in depth emotional intelligence, presence and insights as a coach.

Request 121 Mentoring

Request mentoring with one of our qualified mentor coaches.

Request 121 Supervision

Request supervision with one of our qualified coach supervisors.

Leadership Skills Training

Coaching for Leaders

Build coaching into your leadership style.

Why TPC Leadership?

For the last two decades, our people have been working with leading organizations to unpick unhelpful paradigms and systems, measure what matters, and create better outcomes for people, the planet and stakeholders.

How We Work With Clients

Formed over more than 20 years, our whole-business approach to solving challenges is results-oriented, designed to take your people and systems inside out to lay a foundation for sustainable change.

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