CEO transition and leadership set up – case study from the energy sector


Our client’s CEO was moving internally but the organisation had insufficient ‘leadership’ within the organisation to enable a successful transition and new CEO onboarding. TPC Leadership created an embedded leadership training programme to meet the outcomes of a more effective senior team to support the new CEO.


The client wanted to replace a very successful CEO (and move him to the Corporate holding) but there was insufficient leadership ability in the organisation to enable the change. In addition, they aimed for creating sustainability around changes that had been made in the last 2 years and they needed a cohesive team to sustain the changes.


  • A more effective senior team, supporting the new CEO
  • Strategic & leadership capability throughout the team
  • Clarity of strategic direction that the organisation wanted for the next 3 years
  • A method to cascade effective leadership


An internal project team was created, and we worked with them to identify learning outcomes and organisational goals. We created an embedded leadership programme to meet the outcomes, with training of internal facilitators so that the leadership programme could be cascaded to the next level of management. TPCL had 2 management teams to bring together – Corporate and local, with approximately 15 people in the group

The programme comprised:

  • Assessments (using tools such as EQI and DISK) with pre-calls in which each person was given their feedback along with a discussion about the forthcoming programme
  • Leadership intervention (4 days, then a 3-month gap, then a further 4 days), in which the team took part in real-life scenarios and worked on team building
  • Strategy development for the major production facility
  • ‘Action learning’
  • 1-2-1 coaching between modules
  • Training the internal project team to enable them to cascade the programme


  • At first, they were unable to look beyond current success to see what was possible, and with our help the team is now recognised to be more resilient and much more cohesive
  • The team dynamics became more open and collaborative
  • The organisation was restructured on the back of the training and the strategic goals are now the pillar of future focus.
  • The new CEO feels he’s been more able to step into a leadership role, and it has been a successful transition from the old to the new CEO
  • As a result of this programme TPCL has been invited back to work with Corporate division

To learn more about this case or other interventions of relevance for your organisation don’t hesitate to get in touch

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