What is transformation?


Being a coach, we can enable our clients to accelerate their transformation, through creating more self-awareness and self-realization so that they begin to take small steps towards life that they want to live.

Now the questions are: What is transformation? How do we measure that? How do we know whether we need to transform or not?

Transformation is the word that a lot of coaches talk about over the internet, in videos, podcasts and the books.

Interesting thing about the transformation is that we are transforming every day, our mind and body is transforming every minute. Transformation is not a milestone to achieve or it’s not a dramatic change in our life, but it is subtle evolution and growth which is happening in our subconscious awareness, so when we consciously behave outside in the world, it reflects.

Transformation is all about changing old code of conditioning and old subconscious information and belief systems which is holding you back from being the best version of yourself. It begins when we become more self-aware, we start to pay attention towards the reality like’ what is it ‘rather than ‘how it should be’.

During transformation some of the qualities that we reflect are authenticity, fearlessness, explosion of potential, being able to express ourselves. Transformation has an impact in our life, leadership, how we build connections with other people, in relationship, your contribution towards the world, as it is an inside out expression, it begins from within. It includes your spiritual growth, your psychological growth and most importantly it’s about detachment and letting go of what is not needed from the past, all of us tells ourselves a story linked to our past , starting from our childhood to the person that we have evolved to become and all those experiences we had in our life ,that’s why everyone’s story is different and has lesson to teach and all the stories that we keep on telling ourselves, is the personality that we express out to the world , it’s the personality that we put in work that we do. Most of us want more happiness, more growth, more success, more abundance in our life, for that we need to change our personality and most important need to change manifestation of the experiences. When we are not able to change, we question ourselves why it is not happening, why am I hustling so hard, why I am so stressed, where I actually need to create a life, which is more meaningful and purposeful and happier. The answer to this is in our subconscious awareness’s code of conditioning and we are supposed to change so that we can consciously choose the thoughts that are more meaningful to us, consciously design the life we want to live. All of us are prone to stress in our life and are entangled in our own stories, if we want to consciously come into the present moment of awareness and use the power of our inner being, our self-realization and choose our conscious living mechanism, than we need to choose the thoughts and actions consciously, detach ourselves from the stories which we have created from our past experiences and beliefs, so that we can create the life that we want to live.It activates law of attraction, a lot of manifestation and many amazing things that everyone can create by using the power of mind.

So, transformation is not this gigantic moment or something dramatic, which is happening in our life. It is basically so subtle that we start to experience it in our being. We feel it within and then we are able to express it out in the world and create more impact, more abundance, more money, more happiness and start contributing more towards our life.

– By Meghna Malik

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