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Having opened its doors in 2015 by Frédéric, the French office operates from Paris, strongly connected to our network of international colleagues at TPCL. 

At TPC Leadership France, challenge is one of our keyword that we do believe in: we challenge individuals and teams to develop creative and innovative strategies that align with their strategic objectives. We also believe in sustainable solutions, in a world in constant and profound change, for the good sake of our people, clients and planet. 


We do it in a multicultural way, mixing French and International perspectives. Coming from different countries, our consultants can offer their support in 5 different languages. Our expertise includes formation leadership, executive coaching, formation coaching, and leadership coaching.


TPC Leadership has been inspiring better leadership since 2000, working with clients across over 110 countries from 15 global offices. A pioneer in the field of human potential, we operate as a single company worldwide providing clients with expert development, coaching and consulting services.


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Our Values


Meaning and Purpose



Our Meaning and Purpose program will assist leaders to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset needed to foster a deeper sense of purpose and create more meaning in the workplace to align personal values.



Managing Different Generations

Organisations look to attract, retain and manage talent, mixing different experiences, which include age. Much attention is given to encouraging millennials and the needs of older collaborators are often overlooked. This program focuses on developing talent in all age groups and helping them to work together as a unified group that grows together.

Technology & Humanity



This programme supports practitioners to help clarify and make sense of the existing tension between technology and humanity. We aim to look at how leaders can find meaning and purpose in this rising tension, and how they can turn this shift into opportunities for their organisational reality.

Leading Virtual Teams



From the definition and identification of the challenges of the virtual teams, this custom made programme builds and develops trust through facilitation, contracting, leading, and coaching.

Embracing Agile Transformation

Most organisations struggle with the transition from old ways of working to new agile ways. The Embracing Agile Transformation program offers a process to support the organisation in the Agile transformation process. This allows to kickstart the transformation well prepared, to smoothen the ride by matching the process to your organisation and be effective on the people side.

Training New Leaders



Our 1st Line Leaders course is a 3-day, fast tracked leadership training program designed for new leaders who are ready to develop their skills.

Leading Diverse Teams



The world is getting flatter with organisations becoming more global and connected now than ever before. Consequently, managers are tasked with the complex challenge of having to lead diverse teams across different geographies, cultural divides, and generational gaps. This training instructs managers on how to navigate these complexities whilst equipping themselves to be a global leader.

Building Leaders For Tomorrow

Leadership F1: Building Leaders for Tomorrow was designed to enable high potential individuals and sustain their exemplary performance. In this course, participants will learn tools and strategies that enable them to: know and manage their self and others; envision their purpose and strategize the pathway; and, be a role model for others.

Strategy Articulation



Strategy Articulation is a 2-day workshop addressed to the management team of an organisation or of a business unit. In a structured, facilitated and comprehensive approach, it provides participants with an effective framework to reflect and agree upon the systemic factors affecting current performance, and the strategic areas and the concrete key initiatives to be focused on in the future.


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