My Top 5 Leadership Lessons – Frouke Horstmann


In this series we have been talking to some of our Partners who have been sharing their Top 5 Leadership Lessons. In this blog, Frouke Horstmann,  Managing Partner of our Dutch office shares hers.

  1. Know thyself. Leadership starts with self-awareness

    Someone on my path once asked me: ‘Frouke, if you do not know your strengths, how can you leverage them?’ I was touched by this question. Until then I had valued modesty. I’ve learned that modesty goes hand in hand with knowing your strengths, but also with being aware of the impact you have on others, learning how can you grow in inspiration and being more intentional and mindful of your influence for the greater good.

  2. Learn to manage contradictions and ambiguity

    Today’s world has become highly interconnected, complex and fast. Simple solutions to problems are rare. Running business as usual, innovating & preparing for a future which no one knows what it will look like. People today are very divided in their opinion of what is the best way forward. This has also crept into organisations.

    Being comfortable with the tensions and contradictions this creates, and elevating the not-knowing to an art, are the leaders who sleep well at night and are experienced as inspiring.

  3. Listen, Listen, Listen

    How many people have been on a communication or presentation training course? How many people have been on a listening course? First question, many people raise their hands. Second question, maximum 1-2. Listening with an open mind, an open heart and not being attached to the solution that you believe is the right one, creates connection and real insights. That is what we need in today’s business and world. New answers.

  4. Help others grow

    When we ask questions about leadership role models, people remember others who have made a difference in their lives, big or small. By believing in them, giving them a chance, seeing them, listening to them with head and heart, giving them wisdom and support.

  5. Embrace continuous development

    Staying curious, not pretending to know everything and being open to the unexpected. Surround yourself with people who think differently, are wired differently, have different experiences and knowledge. Provide an external focus. Experience how the world is constantly changing, don’t jump on every new trend, but feel what is emerging.

Have a leadership challenge? Feel free to contact us, to see how we can support.

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