Leadership Programs

Enable your people to step into their potential for leadership, strategy execution and increased business impact.
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Leadership Programs Designed for Radical, Measurable Results

Our leadership development programs are designed to support a sustainable shift in how your people think and act.

They systematically track both business impact and changes in leadership behaviors using clear KPIs, milestones, and individual mid-term reviews. By conducting two 360° stakeholder feedback exercises–before and after each leadership program–we quantify how a leader’s actions change over time. We typically observe significant shifts.

Our Leadership Programs

Our leadership programs are part of a whole-business approach that helps you deliver on your organizational strategy. Starting from the inside out, our approach is measured, experiential, and sustainable.

Co-Designed Programs

We co-create leadership programs with our clients. By involving you at all levels, we increase your capacity to sustain progress over a longer period without our input. The exact design will strike a balance between rapid deployment, impactful delivery, and building your internal capacity.

Off-the-Shelf Programs

We also offer off-the-shelf programs for a faster roll out if you already know exactly what you need. Our off-the-shelf programs typically include:

  • Self-awareness raising through personality inventories and 360º assessments
  • A series of core competency workshops
  • Support by accredited coaches
  • An experiential learning approach
  • Self-study or learning technology that enables continuous learning

Expanding Your Program

  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Coaching-as-a-service
  • Case study analysis
  • Action learning interventions
  • Inspirational talks
  • Other learning integration activities

Internal Coach Development Programs

We can train key people within your organization to be coaches. This helps to build a coaching culture, increasing your internal capacity to self-reflect, deconstruct unconscious biases, navigate change, and stay connected to a sense of purpose.

Open Enrollment Coaching Programs

Our open enrollment programs give people the opportunity to train as individual or team leadership coaches, and can lead to accreditation with ICF or EMCC. These programs are available for anyone to join either with or without organizational sponsorship, and they offer a combination of classroom and online training, with virtual supervision sessions.

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Get Beneath The Surface Of The Problem With Us

At TPC Leadership, we’ve spent over 20 years unraveling why leaders, teams and executives act and think the way they do, as well as co-designing systems that redefine what’s normal for us and our organizations.
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Meet Our People

Our professionals draw on a wide range of disciplines – business, education, philosophy, psychology and neuroscience – to support clients all over the world. Many coaches have completed post-graduate studies or are members of psychologist colleges in their own regions. Other professionals have significant business experience gained in organizations around the globe in a variety of sectors.

Research & Insights

Our articles draw on a wealth of frontline experience with corporates, startups, medium-sized companies, non-profits, and public sector organizations across the globe.

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