We believe in leadership that harnesses the good intent and best beliefs of an organisation's people, unifying them around a reason for being. In fact, when an organisation is connected to its sense of purpose and creates the conditions for people to take meaningful action, then the organisation fully thrives and something extraordinary can happen.

At TPC Leadership we are privileged to work with some of the best leaders on the planet. Some have started their journey with us by telling us that they want to be clear that they are delivering what matters, some want to take up the challenge of inspiring their teams, some are questioning the bigger picture and what they want to leave behind for their people, their family and their communities.

Our unique leadership development, coaching and consulting solutions inspire your leaders and people to deliver extraordinary results in your businesses.

We prepare your organisation for the adventure of leadership.

"Leading towards a purpose is an adventure worth having"


What is your challenge?

"Are our people engaged with our organisational purpose?"

"Is my team delivering what matters?"

"How can we guarantee exceptional results from our leaders?"

"How can I assess our organisation's leadership capabilities and develop our leadership strategy?"


Where is your own journey taking you?

"How can I use coaching in my everyday life?"

"How can I become an accredited coach?"

"How can I collaborate with other leaders to develop my leadership skills?"

"How can I get 121 support for my development?"

Broşürümüzü İndirebilirsiniz

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Having opened its doors in 2013, TPCL Turkey has been playing an active and critical role as a game changer in transformational leadership, consultancy, training, facilitation, coaching and mentoring. Located in Istanbul, TPCL Turkey serves both in Turkey and surrounding regions regarding both the client range and expertise. Fluent and mostly bilingual from five different countries, TPCL Turkey coaches and facilitators offer service and consultancy in English, French, German, Spanish and Turkish. 


Known for their both innovative and applicable approaches in accord with the leadership strategies, our coaches advise leaders of start-ups, organisations, corporations and eminent persons across a broad spectrum of industries, mainly including public, pharmacy, finance and banking, FMCG, automotive sectors as well as leading universities. As an ardent follower of digitalisation, we aim for creating an experimental atmosphere supported with indoor & outdoor activities and latest apps, process and visual facilitation so as to activate neuroplasticity. TPCL Turkey has a prominent role in leadership consultancy, generational leadership, navigation in turbulent times, women leadership, systemic and organisational leadership & constellations, leadership skills, change management and Assessment & Development Centres. 


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