Solutions for the Legal Sector

Leadership development and coaching solutions for partners, general counsels and groups of legal professionals

Solutions for the Legal Sector

TPC Leadership was founded in 2000, and is now serving clients across more than 100 countries from our global offices. We have built credibility, experience and reputation amongst the Legal sector, and are proud to have co-created solutions with many international clients.

Our leadership programmes are co-created with you, designed around your business objectives and individual needs and based on the outcomes you wish to see as part of any learning journey.

With increasing numbers of millennials now reaching managerial level, we recognise their interest in following up on key messages through technology. We use a range of platforms to further enhance learning, including videos, webinars, apps (mobile and web-based), podcasts and blogs. Our digital partners support us through the provision of technologies that enhance and embed behavioural change.

Services offered

Coaching Skills for Partners

Understand how coaching fits within your role as a leader and develop coaching techniques to use day-to-day.

Leadership Development for Senior Lawyers

Increase your leadership style awareness and flexibility, and discover ways to enhance your impact and effectiveness.

Smooth Transitioning into Retirement

Prepare to transition and leave a legacy in good faith between firm and partner.

Onboarding Program for Newly Appointed Partners

Equip newly appointed partners with the leadership skills and behaviours they require as they transition to a new level of responsibility.

Individual Coaching and Mentoring

Grow yourself/your team through coaching and mentoring to unlock potential.

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Our perspective on leadership in the legal profession

How we work with our clients

Giving feedback to colleagues

By TPC Leadership | April 20, 2022

Giving feedback to colleagues can feel like crossing a muddy minefield. One wrong move and – boom – you’re no longer …

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Leading under pressure

Leading under pressure

By TPC Leadership | April 12, 2022

The word pressure is thrown around a lot in leadership circles. But pressure is a broad term when discussing how …

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