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Jacco Levits - Senior Leadership Consultant

When employees feel engaged, motivated and positive, it allows them to perform to the best of their abilities. The moment companies take good care of their employees' well-being, employees can take better care of business. This is how organisations can truly get the most out of people’s talents.


As a coach Jacco likes to discover together with the client what it is that makes them truly enthusiastic, and what the reasons could be that energy, passion and motivation might be lacking. Due to the stresses and pressures from work and life, we often lose the connection to ourselves and our talents. Jacco’s angle to coaching is to re-establish this connection.

Leadership Development Experience

Over the last decade Jacco lived and worked in Tel Aviv, London, Dublin and Amsterdam, gaining a strong understanding of different business cultures and attitudes. Whilst working for major companies such as Google and, he witnessed first-hand the challenges employees face combining the reality of ongoing growth and business demands with maintaining an engaged, healthy and productive working reality.

Within the field of Learning & Development, Jacco designed learning programmes and facilitated training, workshops and off-sites. He has specialised on topics related to stress-management, mindfulness, positive psychology and emotional intelligence. The goal has always been to help employees increase their resilience and help them to thrive within their roles and organisations.

In addition to designing training programmes and facilitating them, Jacco also has experience running larger consultancy projects. An example of such a project was to present the leadership team with insights, understanding and (potential) solutions as to the challenges experienced by the top 100 leaders/directors within the organisation.

In order to keep developing as a coach, Jacco took an intensive one-year training programme in 2014 focused on how to connect people to their essence; their purpose, motivation and life energy. 

Other Relevant Experience

In 2018 Jacco left the corporate world in order to start his own Training Consultancy called Rubber Duck Training.

Education, Qualifications & Certifications

  • EMCC Coach Practitioner (2016)
  • Insights Discovery
  • TRACOM Social styles