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1. Leading Virtual Teams


How will you navigate the changing waves for your remote teams? In this time especially, we believe trust and empathy are signs of true leadership, versus management.  By continuing to develop your remote staff and virtual teams, you will create a healthy climate for adapting to change.

For Whom?

Leaders, Managers and people in HR who believe our current reality requires a new approach, a set of new skills, and who are looking to adapt their current ways of working and leading.


An online training that will cover the following topics:

  • Learn how to lead and inspire your team when not physically present
  • Be virtually savvy, understand which tools can leverage your leadership
  • Experience the power of virtual workshops: practical tips & tricks
  • Create structures for team collaboration to stay connected.

More details can be found here.

2. Manage Stress and build Resilience


In these unprecedented times, we are confronted with increased anxiety and distress. As human beings, we long for having at least some kind of future outlook and perspective. Even those who live according to the ‘carpe diem’ credo might find it increasingly difficult as we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.
Uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity become instigators of fear. All of a sudden, we are confronted with a different life and work organisation. And even if we’re agile, we may still not like some enforced social rules, which again may foster anxiety and distress.

For Whom?

  • For Leaders and Managers who currently feel that stress and change is having a big impact on their performance and wellbeing
  • For Leaders and Managers who want to take their resilience and personal energy to the next level.


This module will help you:

  • Understand how stress works
  • Learn fundamental techniques and strategies to deal with stress
  • Build resilience in a very practical way
  • Manage your 4 “energy batteries” for optimal performance.

3. High-Performing (remote) Teams in Periods of Change


How can we optimize team dynamics, performance and engagement in these uncertain times?

For Whom?

For teams and their leaders who believe:

  • Our new reality will require new strategies and tools to build great teams
  • Times of uncertainty and change are great opportunities to reinvent their teams.


In this training we will cover:

  • How is your team facing the change and uncertainty?
  • How to build trust and adapt the communication style with less/no physical interaction?
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a team: how to adapt to remote work and high uncertainty?
  • Practical tips and tricks to your Team's effectiveness, energy and spirit remotely
  • How to have informal "team building" through online communication
  • What about "after"? Can we go back to normal? How to prepare for a better future.


  • All courses can be delivered in EN-FR-NL
  • Participation is limited to max 10 participants – we create small, safe spaces, just like offline
  • All courses are delivered ‘live’ by at least one of our seasoned TPC Leadership facilitators, and further supported by a technical ‘producer’ to look after the technical side. The ‘live’ element makes it interactive, with e.g. possibility to ask questions, answer questions, take polls, etc.
  • Delivery happens using technology to maximise engagement (video, polls, break-outs, ..) e.g. Zoom (or Client platform of choice), and requires little to no IT support or prior installation etc.

Why work with us?

  • Experts in leadership since 2000
  • Remote & virtual ourselves: using Zoom and other digital learning tools/apps since forever
  • We speak your language.

Please see below our Online Leadership Training Offering :

Online Leadership Training Offering


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