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Setting up a series of conversational tools to stay truly connected

1. Instant Coaching

  • People deal with more stress, and less feedback, than usual. How can we support them on the job, how can we help them in making sense of the entire situation?
  • TPC Leadership now makes Coaching extremely accessible in mid-size to large organisations
  • We make one or several of our quality-assured Coaches available during regular timeframes (e.g. every Friday pm) exclusively for your organisation
  • Your People can sign up for short timeslots (e.g. 30’) of individual coaching: quick check-in moments, rather than structured, longer-term coaching assignments
  • Lean sign-up process
  • Predictable pricing
  • NL/FR/EN available (and more upon request)


This service can also be set-up as an on-demand service, “Speak to a Coach within next 3hrs."

2. Online Executive Coaching

  • Senior Leaders and Executives face an unprecedented challenge, with many questions coming their way e.g. how to make my company survive? How to lead my department post-Covid19? How to cope with remote working solutions as the new normal? How to reorganize my team? etc. AND: they have more control over their schedule AND they are used to remote working by now. Now is a good time.
  • ‘Classic' individual coaching journeys – true to our DNA since 2000
  • A pre-agreed number of 1:1 remote conversations of ~90' each – sometimes accompanied with diagnostic tools e.g. 360° feedback, and/or a psychometric survey (MBTI, DiSC, Insights Discovery…) to produce more ‘data’
  • Ideally supported by corporate 'Sponsor'

3. Remote Team Coaching

  • Is a Team still a Team, when its members are physically apart? How to achieve results when the way we collaborate is massively different?
  • To bring it closer to its ambitions, a Team benefits from being coached.
  • We propose a pre-agreed number of group and individual conversations: first individual intakes, then group session(s) with the Team in action (e.g. observe a team meeting), with in-between more space for individual talks and /or online engagement (using e.g. MyQuest)
  • Additional focus on connectedness in these distancing circumstances
  • Supported by one of our accredited / expert Team Coaches
  • NL / FR / EN available
  • Overall duration between 2-12 months


FYI – in May and June we’ll be launching other new types of structured meaningful conversations.


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