We believe the world would be in a better place if it were in the hands of better leaders.

That is why we are in business: we support people, teams and organisations to work better together, and to achieve what they want through better leadership.

The company was founded in 2000 in the UK, and currently has a global presence with offices in 14 countries. We operate as a global partnership where each office contributes to central projects and central investments, and we design and implement strategy together as one. The Belgian office opened in 2013 and has a core team of 12 experts, the French office opened in 2015 and currently has a team of 11.

We offer 4 key services: leadership consulting; leadership development trainings; coaching; and leadership courses.
Revenue is generated when our Partners sell projects to clients, typically large and well-known organisations from the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Projects are then designed and delivered by Partners and/or other experts from the team. Revenues also originate from participants subscribing to our courses (we are also a certified training institute).

We are known and respected for building great customer relationships and adding outstanding value, which is based on deep expertise, combined with an uncompromising adherence to a set of core values. We are financially healthy and growing fast.

More info on www.tpcleadership.com where you can click through to the /be and /fr country pages.

1. Our company is healthy and growing. We contract work with an increasing amount of clients, both domestically and internationally. Also our coaching courses are growing in demand. Each of these projects require a rigorous end-to-end follow-up in close collaboration with:

  • Partners who sell projects to clients;
  • Clients;
  • Experts when they design and deliver the work;
  • Other TPC Leadership offices around the world.

2. TPC Leadership is steadily integrating a number of processes and functions, in order to act as ‘one TPC Leadership’ across the globe, both internally and towards clients. This integration also requires follow-up.

3. Finally, running a company involves working with many external parties (e.g. suppliers, the taxman, business partners)and also this work stream needs to be managed professionally.

Purpose of the job

  • To ensure that the Partners can spend maximum time with clients;
  • To ensure that our Experts can deliver client work at the highest professional standards;
  • To help promote our business

Key responsibilities & tasks

  • Support BE and FR Partners, so the offices run smoothly, accurately and efficiently
  • Support Experts in preparing & delivering top work
  • Administration - Operations (agenda management incl. team meetings, invoicing &
    expense management, make travel arrangements, define document and improve processes...)
  • Operational Excellence across the Business - Help improve systems & processes.
    Suggest small or big changes that can help us be more efficient with our resources.
  • In house Project Management - Each year a number of projects, domestic and international, need to be implemented and followed up.
  • Open Programmes (our courses) - Project Management (each Training Module, between 5-10 per year, is an event, requiring logistics support such as booking rooms, preparing
    training materials, organising the catering, communicating with participants and more)
  • Marketing & Sales Support – Social media monitoring & content posting, website
    management, managing regular e-newsletters, manage Partner contact database
  • Support of HandMade Executive Search – Additional recruitment business located in
    France (writing proposals & assignments letters, planning interviews,...)

Work organisation

  • Very interactive and interpersonal – effective & efficient communication is key
  • Fast-paced, young and dynamic – we serve demanding clients in an increasingly strategic and ‘hot’ area
  • Multinational and multicultural
  • Partly onsite, mostly offsite (virtual):
    We don’t have full-time offices. All of us work at our co-working space to meet someone for just a day; from home; at the client’s; at a training venue; or ‘on the go’. We liaise intensely through phone, email, WhatsApp, and videoconference tools to stay closely in touch. We make this happen by rigorously selecting (and rewarding) colleagues who live our values and whom we trust to self-manage their work. In practice, we aim to have
    appr. 1 day per week face-to-face with you to work with each office

We value skills, attitude and competence more than degrees or certificates. Key qualities are indicated in bold

Hard skills

  • 5-6+y experience in a role of Office Manager (or similar), ideally in a small / mid-size organisation
  • Experience of working with colleagues and clients
  • Languages: fluent and correct (spoken & written) use of EN & FR & NL
  • You are OK with numbers (for making invoices, following up budgets, comparing prices etc)
  • Business administration or training administration experience
  • Experience of database management
  • Project management skills

Soft skills

  • Honestly aligned with our 7 values (Imagination, Unity, Service, Adventure, Action, Vitality, Growth)
  • Genuinely enjoying serving/servicing clients
  • Ability to work alone, yet a strong team player, in a virtual work environment
        • Dedicated and taking responsibility, ownership, and pride
        • Self-starter, self-organiser. You ‘see the work’. Autonomous, well-organised, person able to set and challenge priorities.
        • Assertiveness and ability to flag issues when you see or expect them
        • You follow through end-to-end without the need for constant supervision. We are here to support and develop you, but we trust you will first try & ask questions. You ask for permission or clearance, rather than for just instructions.
  • Flexibility (in the positive sense)
  • Rigor / eye for detail (1st-time right) and looking for excellence and understanding that our clients deserve a ‘wow’ experience in every touchpoint
  • You follow through end-to-end without the need for constant supervision. We are here to support and develop you, but we trust you will first try & ask questions. You ask for permission or clearance, rather than for just instructions.
        • Just like them, we like first-time right, we don’t like typos, we deliver on-time, on-brief, on-budget.
        • You have the maturity to deal with confidential information.
        • We expect things to be correct and to look professional. We want you to be proud of what you deliver, and we want to be proud of you
  • Comfortable with using technology: to collect, store, organise and share information quickly and easily
  • Business sense:
        • Knowing what it’s like to run a small business.
        • What the difference is between revenues and profit. That sometimes saving €20 on a flight is really worth it, and sometimes not.

Our offer in return

  • Freedom to organize your work
  • Be part of a successful, values- and purpose-driven, growing company with lots of entrepreneurship
  • Be part of a company with great values
  • Work in a high-end consulting business in the increasingly attractive arena of ‘Leadership’
  • Be part of different local, international, and global teams (project-based, or permanent) and sometimes international meetings
  • Personal development
  • Development of your skills in Marketing and Sales
  • Attractive remuneration package