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Stephane Verhaeren

The quality of communication between collaborators is a key parameter in an organisation’s daily operations, development and success. Yet, this parameter is still often underestimated …


Stephane develops tailor-made training and coaching aimed at developing the capacities of collaborators to communicate and behave more efficiently, more effectively and more serenely in their organisation.

Stephane approaches communication and behaviour through the principles and techniques of Improvisational Theatre. Very interactive and revealing, the approach will favour experimentation bringing to light participant’s strengths and pitfalls, facilitating awareness and improving the anchoring of more productive reflexes. “Improv’” develops the art of spontaneity: on a stage actors build fun, consistent and captivating scenes on the spot. They don’t have scripts, nor costumes, nor scenery. And yet, “Improv” requires training. It puts forward a wide array of behavioural techniques and principles. These principles turn out to be fundamental and universal communication keys. Stephane’s training method will develop collaborators’ relational aptitudes by transposing the keys they will have experienced from the theatrical universe to their professional context. In short: from theatrical know-how to professional competencies. Stephane’s approach also includes the informal and playful, allowing a detached, authentic and open working atmosphere which are ideal conditions to get out of one’s comfort zone and kick start a change process without fear of exposing one’s professional credibility.

Leadership Development Experience

The fields requiring relational efficiency in which Stephane has intervened on a regular basis include:

  • People management
  • Leadership skills
  • Team building / team working
  • Diversity
  • Customer relations
  • Conflict management
  • Public speaking
  • Negotiation
  • Individual coaching journeys

Stephane has had the opportunity to work with many different sectors.

Other Relevant Experience

After a business degree at ICHEC Brussels, and HEC Montréal, Stephane worked for the Unilever Group for 8 years where he has been in charge of several brands and categories of consumer goods. After 2 years spent abroad on a European role the time was ripe to follow his calling for self-expression and interpersonal communication and behaviour. He decided to dig deeper into his passion for improvisational theatre, which he actively leisured in since 2002, and sought to apply its benefits to a day-to-day professional context. He set out to become a trainer and a coach and has developed his activity successfully since 2009.

Stephane can hence count on two complementary backgrounds: theatrical expertise and know-how on one hand, professional experience in the world of organisations on the other hand. This unique heritage gives him the necessary competencies to usefully link theatrical techniques to the sharp stakes of the business world. He quickly understands the professional context of his participants, while handing them over the necessary tools to improve their relational capacities. Additionally, his passion for group animation is a real driver of motivation and inspiration for his participant’s audiences.

Education, Qualifications & Certifications

  • ICF certified coach (The Coaching Square)
  • Masters the Harvard Principled Negotiation Method


French, English, Dutch

Contact Details

Linkedin: Stephane Verhaeren