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Public Sector organization

Building more trusting and open relationships

TPC Leadership was asked to work with multiple teams of leaders as a number of local government organizations were merging. There was a culture of high stress and restructuring had become ‘business as usual’.

By incorporating both 1 on 1 and facilitated team coaching, participants were able to focus on key business objectives and on how to manage change.  There is now an ongoing coaching support program in place plus a number of additional skills programs including facilitation skills and managing effective meetings.

Newly promoted executive

Enhancing executive resilience and well-being

TPC Leadership was commissioned to work with a female executive new to the position, who was feeling pressure in the role.  She was struggling to manage upwards as well as develop relationships with subordinates, with whom she had previously been a peer.

Initial focus of coaching was to establish the detail about the gap between the perceived expectations of the role and her ability to cope. Coaching then worked on closing this gap by working with the client on cognitive, emotional and behavioral levels.

Relationships were improved at every level and with regards performance, she has been recognized regionally and nationally for achievements in the role. Perhaps most importantly of all, she is enjoying her role with a much greater sense of meaning and purpose.

A private sector CEO, with a strong finance background

A CEO finds his voice

Our client, a private sector CEO, was very clear about his direction, but communicating it was a challenge as he found people engagement in large groups daunting.

During the coaching sessions, there was a strong focus on equipping the client to better tell stories and improve stage presence.  It wasn’t about being someone he wasn’t – just about being a more effective version of who he already was.

The results were nothing short of transformational. The client went from dreading large scale engagement events to being really enthused about them. He described a feeling of liberation in that at last he understood changes that he could make that really suited him.

Finance director

Change of perspective

Our client, a female Finance Director in a male dominated Executive Team, needed coaching to help her secure “a voice”.  Essentially she didn’t feel valued in the team and had a sense that her gender was playing a part here.

Following coaching and utilizing 360° feedback, the client came to a view that her perception of reality was distorted. She was supported to create a more empowering vision of herself and how she was perceived.

The program was extremely high profile and a big investment for the business – organizational feedback was excellent

A global retailer

Exceeding expectations during top talent transition

Our client, a global retailer, needed to transition a top talent director into a new director level role.   The new role also required a broader understanding of leadership, towards one driven by behavior and culture.  The director needed a deeper understanding of leadership styles and the situational choices that could be made.

Through predominantly 1 on 1 coaching sessions, the client was able to transform the team in terms of capability and culture, and developed a robust succession approach.

Public sector CEO

Improving teamwork and performance

TPC Leadership was asked by a Public Sector CEO to work with him and his leadership team to improve the way his team was working together and ultimately team performance. Roles and responsibilities were unclear and there was a general lack of trust.

Through challenging team sessions and 1 on 1 coaching sessions with team members, we focused on increasing openness and trust between team members, appreciating the wider system.

Some team members decided to leave, (an expected result from such an intervention). But what was left was a team with much higher levels of mutual support.

Public sector executive

Women in Leadership

TPC Leadership coached a public sector executive, new to the role, feeling the stress of the increased pressure. She had difficulty with the relationship with her executives, but also with her subordinates, formerly her peers. Delivering results became difficult, reducing her confidence and raising the question of whether she was suitable for her new position.

Through the coaching process, our client saw her function in a completely different way, including related relationships.  Perhaps most importantly, she experienced a greater sense of purpose and meaning in her role, increasing her positivity.

St. Antonius Hospital

Directors get insight on how they are perceived

Our client, the Board members of a busy hospital, needed to improve their working relationship in order to face the turbulent times in healthcare.  Employees from different levels of the organization were given the opportunity to comment on their management.

The detailed feedback reports were discussed in an away-day and to ensure continuity, the Board met their TPC Leadership team coach several times.  They developed stronger relationships and saw this as valuable moments of reflection on their joint and individual functioning and well-being.

st antonius
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