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There are those leaders who see the need for change and yet find the organisational or individual inertia difficult to overcome. The effort to convert change from concept into reality usually requires a catalyst--someone who can escalate the rate of change by increasing the leadership capability needed to effect the change. 


TPC Leadership USA provides such a catalyst. With our balanced approach of consulting and coaching, our coaches have the ability to advance an organisation’s leadership capabilities, effectively implement change, and assure strategic initiatives find their way to reality. We specialize in leadership consulting services, transformational leadership, leadership development and leadership training programmes. 


Our coaches have positively influenced organisations across a spectrum of industries. These include, but are not limited to: Aerospace & Defense; Capital Projects; Chemical; Consumer Packaged Goods; Financial Services; Healthcare; Metals & Mining; Oil & Gas; Paper & Forest Products; Professional Services; and, Retail. 


TPC Leadership USA has become a Trusted Advisor to Fortune 100 companies as well as smaller agile organisations. We thrive on finding sustainable solutions driven in partnership with our clients, to assure long-term benefit to the organisation and its human capital. With experience in working in 15+ countries and language capabilities in 5 languages, including Spanish, we have the ability to deliver programs to non-native English speakers and have the cultural understanding that comes with that experience. 


TPC Leadership has been inspiring better leadership since 2000, working with clients across over 110 countries from 15 global offices. A pioneer in the field of human potential, we operate as a single company worldwide providing clients with expert development, coaching and consulting services.


charles brook focuses on leadership training in the UAE and dubai

Charles Brook

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Paula Abramovicz Erlich

leadership training in the USA

Lorin Warner

sean focuses on leadership development in the usa

Sean Morris

katharina focuses on leadership training in america

Katharina Schmidt

Daniel Phoenix_cropped

Daniel Phoenix

Nanci Weaver_cropped

Nanci Weaver

Vish Chatterji_cropped

Vish Chatterji

Bruce Runnfeldt_cropped

Bruce Runnfeldt

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Mark Fishkin

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Deirdre O’Grady



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