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As they transition from leading a team or section, to considering a broader perspective requiring organisational,  systemic and strategic leadership skills; senior leaders need to develop new leadership attitudes, skills and mindsets.

While our programmes are designed to be bespoke to the specific needs of Clients, we have learned that the following themes and content are important in supporting the development of senior leaders:

  • Broadening the understanding of senior leadership style
  • Deepening authenticity, presence and gravitas
  • Increasing self-awareness of strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Understanding and leading through complexity and disruptions
  • Supporting culture change
  • Change leadership
  • Leading for innovation
  • Seeing opportunities for the power and creativity of the workforce
  • Developing skills for collaboration and systems leadership
  • Navigating control and empowering others to lead

Our senior leadership programmes are typically structured over 9-12 months, allowing time an space for leaders to integrate and apply their learning in live settings and deliver organisational value.  We support our programmes with a range of blended learning processes to embed new knowledge, skills and mindsets; and offer 1:1 and/or team and group coaching to support behaviour change.