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Bruce Runnfeldt - Associate

I love to facilitate change from within - the inner change in people, systems, and operations that produces a lasting difference in performance


Bruce’s approach is custom designed to create the deeper, lasting changes within an organisation that personally involve employees, managers and executives, earning the commitment necessary to produce measurable, long term results.

While every project is different, his program,es are implemented through several clear-cut stages. He begins by building a solid foundation of understanding. Specific change objectives are defined and clarified.  Opportunities available to achieve the objectives are explored with the client.  Once the strategy is approved, Bruce provides the skills and tools to put that strategy to work. To assure continuing results, all his work places emphasis on the crucial follow-up phase – enabling clients to monitor and manage the inner change within their organisation that creates the lasting difference in performance.

Leadership Development Experience

Bruce has extensive experience in leadership development including assessment, system design and implementation, individual development planning, mentoring, coaching and training.  He has experience developing and implementing a wide range of organisational change efforts, such as performance management systems and employee involvement strategies.  Working as a consultant since 1987, he has worked with a wide variety of organisations including Abu Dhabi University, AkzoNobel, Canadian Gypsum, Chrysler Financial, Mercedes Benz, Navistar, Motorola, Rexam, Robert Bosch and Saudi Aramco

Other Relevant Experience

Bruce began his career as a Certified Social Worker providing services to individuals and families for several different child welfare agencies. He worked as a Training Consultant for Abbott Laboratories and Organisational Consultants, Inc.  He joined Helene Curtis Industries as Corporate Manager of Training and Development and later served as Corporate Director of Training and Development for Hyatt Hotels Corporation.  In 1987, he founded the management consulting firm InnerChange, Inc.

In addition to this corporate experience, Bruce served as a member of the adjunct graduate faculty in Management and Organisational Behaviour at Benedictine University and the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. He has also provided training and staff development programs for a variety of governmental and non-profit organisations.

Education, Qualifications and Certifications

  • Master of Science degree in Administration and Organisational Behaviour
  • Achieve-Global Master Trainer
  • Coach U's Coaching Clinic
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Netspeed Leadership
  • Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II
  • Learning Dynamics' Common Decency