At TPC Leadership we recognise that sometimes you have a specific requirement for your leadership development, and want to be able to compare like for like programmes across different providers.

As well as our bespoke leadership solutions, we have a number of standalone programmes that can be delivered individually, or as part of a package to suit your goals.

Programmes for developing COACHES

We offer a range of coach training programmes for individuals who wish to develop their coaching skills and perhaps become accredited. We also offer the following programmes to organisations:

Programmes for developing LEADERS

Our executive coaching service is ideal for 121 intervention, helping you to develop as a leader to your own specific objectives. To complement this, we offer the following programmes:

Programmes for developing TEAMS

Sometimes the best results come from working with an entire team, rather than with individuals. In addition to offering bespoke team coaching programmes, we offer the following team development programmes:

Programmes for developing ORGANISATIONS

When the whole organisation is setting out on its leadership journey, our Leadership Consulting service may help you to assess your current situation and define a plan for where you need to get to. We also offer the following programmes:

  • Creating a leadership culture
  • Creating a coaching culture
  • Team Assessment tools – designed to give insight into how your organisation is performing

More information

To get more information about any of these programmes, or to discuss your requirements for our bespoke solutions, please contact us.