Executing an organisational strategy requires a wide variety of leadership and management skills, differing with the level and role of each individual leader.

Especially in times of change, restructuring or fast growth, it is essential to know whether your directors, managers and supervisors have the right skills, values and mindset to improve performance.

We can work with your organisation to assess the current competencies of your leaders and identify what can be done to maximise their leadership potential. This is done through our highly-acclaimed assessment and development centres.

Assessment and development centres

Our leadership assessment centres determine how well your leaders fit with their specific management positions or roles. Throughout the assessment, their personality, attitudes, competencies and potential are observed and measured using a diverse range of methods, including:

  • Personality profiling
  • Motivational and leadership questionnaires
  • 360 feedback
  • Behavioural interviews
  • Group and individual live exercises
  • Role plays
  • Observation of the job

While assessment centres are often used to measure the potential of new hires or leaders before transitioning to a new role, they can also be applied to raise awareness of an individual’s current strengths and weaknesses, and to create leadership development plans.

An engaging assessment experience

Leveraging our coaching ethos and approach, we ensure that, even before it starts, the assessment centre addresses the key concerns and questions that delegates often have, such as:

  • Why does my organisation want to assess my leadership right now?
  • How will I benefit from the assessment experience?
  • Will I be assessed in a fair, scientific and reliable way?
  • How will information about me be used and shared?
  • What are the possible outcomes of the assessment centre? How will my organisation recognise and maximise my potential?

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