TPC Leadership has been growing leaders since 2000, working with clients across over 110 countries, from 14 country offices.  We are rightly considered to be pioneers in the field of human potential and have taken this expertise to craft an intensive 3-day, 12-module programme which will prepare you for the adventure that is leadership, allowing you to take your skills to the next level.

At the end of this programme you will:

  • Be more effective at delegating
  • Be able to coach others for better performance
  • Be effective in handling difficult conversations and feedback
  • Have a clear vision about yourself as a leader
  • Have developed practical skills to apply in practice

Course structure

Day 1

Module 1: Using MBTI to understand yourself

Module 2: Listening attentively, accurately, empathetically and generatively

Module 3: The importance emotional intelligence to leadership

Module 4: Personal feedback and individual coaching session

Module 5: Difficult conversations, understanding and managing different conflict styles

Day 2

Module 6: Delegating, collaborating and directing

Module 7: Coaching others for development and high performance

Module 8: Setting performance expectations

Module 9: MBTI 2 – Introducing facets

Day 3

Module 10: Anchoring your future as a leader: creating an action plan and objectives to meet your aspirations

Module 11: Leading under pressure

Module 12: Appreciative feedback and review

Course Dates and fees

1st Line Leadership – £3,300 + VAT

  • next dates to be announced

You can apply using our course application form or contact us for more information.