Our team coach training course is offered in response to a growing demand for team coaching as organisations face old and new challenges – challenges that their teams may not always feel fully prepared or equipped to deal with, including:

  • ensuring alignment and connection to the team’s purpose, mission, vision – and to each other – in a fast changing and pressurised environment
  • building trust and cohesion, within a global context and with virtual teams in dispersed locations
  • using difference and diversity as a competitive advantage rather than a source of conflict or discord

While drawing on a wide range of academic and psychological research and theory, the course has been designed and developed out of our extensive experience of working with a wide variety of groups and senior leadership teams over the last 15 years, both in the UK and internationally, and drawing on our learning of what is required to make team coaching effective, impactful and pragmatic; what works – and what doesn’t!

Team coaching can be one of most challenging coaching disciplines, and learning how to be an outstanding practitioner involves focused development and practice. To facilitate this development journey, we stagger team coaching modules progressively. We structure the programme over a series of learning events including workshops, action learning sets, self-study, coaching sessions, tutorials, supervision and practical sessions.

Training is delivered by highly-qualified professionals with extensive experience of coaching senior teams. By the end of the programme, you will be in a position to help teams achieve extraordinary business results.

Who is it for?

The programme has been designed for experienced coaches who have a strong level of core coaching skills who wish to explore, improve and validate their work as a coach with teams and groups.

It is aimed at:

  • leaders and senior managers
  • experienced internal or external coaches
  • HR and Learning and Development professionals
  • anyone in a professional role working with teams.

By attending the course you will:

  • develop your skills and capacity to work more confidently and effectively with teams to improve their performance and cohesion in complex organisational and system environments
  • increase your experience, competency and ability to work to expected standards when working with senior teams and boards
  • gain a framework for continuing your professional and personal development
  • improve your personal confidence, credibility and professionalism as a team coach.

Programme overview

The programme includes:

  • a series of 3 and 2 day workshop modules
  • professional supervision of your team coaching
  • required team coaching practice and peer supervision
  • team coaching evaluation
  • portfolio marking and feedback
  • access to extensive online learning resources.

The entire programme, including the creation of a portfolio of learning, is run over 12 month period.

Team coaching course modules

Foundation Team Coaching Skills: modules 1 and 2 (2 days + 3 days)

The aim of these first two modules is to enable participants to understand the core approaches, skills and concepts required to coach teams and groups effectively within their organisational context and environment.

Participants will explore the practical application of core academic and psychological research and theory on working with teams and groups, together with the practical application of theories, concepts and approaches derived from the experience of expert practitioners. In doing so, participants gain the opportunity to expand not only their coaching skills, but also their consultative, developmental, and facilitative skills in working with teams in their organisational environment.

You will be supportively challenged in creating, designing and delivering interventions that can create an immediate, positive impact on the teams and groups you are working with, and the wider organisation and stakeholders that the team serves.

Advanced Team Coaching Skills: modules 3 and 4 (2 days + 2 days)

These further two modules explore more advanced team coaching skills and are designed for coaches who wish to deepen their understanding of working with teams operating in more complex global and system contexts.

You will explore in detail the impact of systems and organisational culture on the team and its effectiveness – and on you as the team’s coach. You will also determine the different modalities needed to support the development of executive teams, boards and high performing teams.

These modules will also focus on developing the personal attributes that support greater impact and innovation and enable you as the team coach to adapt your style to emerging needs and requirements. They will also focus on how to create “sustainability and self-sufficiency” by supporting the team’s capacity and capability to maintain its own learning and development beyond the life of the team coaching programme.

Key elements of the course / points to note

  • In order to prepare you for the programme, you will join other participants on it in a preparatory programme briefing. This will enable you to better understand the requirements of the programme and explore and share your personal objectives. A maximum of 5 participants are on your call, which lasts for approximately 90 minutes.
  • Each module workshop combines elements of theory, practice and discussion about the practical implications of using the new skills and their application in a working context. They also provide a forum for discussing best practice and the critical conversations that need to take place between the participants, colleagues and tutors in enabling them to learn, achieve and enjoy their work as team coaches.
  • Team coaching practice: throughout the programme, participants are expected to identify and formally coach teams outside of the workshop environment.
  • We strongly recommend that participants approach the prospective teams they will be working with before the programme begins.
  • Co-supervision / buddies: after the first workshop we will ask participants to form ‘buddy’ relationships. This has two key purposes. Firstly, it creates a working relationship where colleagues can share their team coaching experiences, develop and experiment with ideas and concepts, practice key coaching tools and problem-solve. Secondly, it forms the basis of team coaching assignments where team coaches may wish to act as a ‘partner’ in potentially delivering a team coaching programme to a client.
  • Participants are required to use a “reflective learning log” throughout the duration of the programme, which includes a variety of forms used to aid their learning, including self-evaluation and feedback forms and coaching session reports. Participants will also be required to complete two written assignments: one on their learning journey and their team coaching practice over the course of the programme, and a second on the elements that need to be considered to support the development of effective teams in an organisational environment.
  • Following the completion of each module, participants are required to attend group coaching supervision. This is designed to help them embed their learning from the programme, support their team coaching experience and provide creative challenge and focus on their ongoing development. Two of these sessions will be conducted face to face and two will be conducted virtually.
  • Participants will also have access to TPC Leadership’s Learning Management System (LMS) which provides learners with access to our coaching demonstration videos, webinars, discussion forums, resources, forms and information concerning the programme, e.g. joining instructions.

Pre-requisite for attending this programme

You will be required to have completed as a minimum the EMCC Practitioner award (EQA) or a similar qualification and to show evidence of your current coaching experience.


Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance from TPC Leadership on completion of the programme.

While no specific team coaching qualification is currently provided by any coaching accrediting body, we are in discussion with a number of professional and academic bodies (including the EMCC) to support the development of a specialised qualification for team coaches.


Our team coach training course is delivered in a venue near London – Roffey Park, a unique venue in the heart of the Sussex countryside. You can read more about our venue here.

More information

If you are interested in taking part in our team coach training programme, please don’t hesitate to contact us.