You can use the form below to apply for our ILM programmes ONLY. If you would like to apply for another course, please use our non-ILM courses form. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Please note the following regarding your application and payment:

  • As part of the application, and for administrative purposes, you will need to have a copy of your CV and a recent photograph of yourself ready.
  • A minimum deposit payment of £600 (£500 plus VAT) is required with this application to secure your place.
  • Full and final payment must be made at least seven weeks before the first module.
  • Delegates will be asked to pay by cheque payable to TPC Leadership UK or through a bank or BACs transfer (Paypal payments are also available for some of our courses).
  • Please ensure you have read our information about course dates and course fees before booking a place. You will need to specify your chosen course and cohort number on the form below.
  • If a company is paying for your place on a course, before completing this form please check whether they wish to pay a £600 deposit now followed by the balance later (only possible when there are at least 7 weeks until the course starts), or whether they wish to pay the full balance now.
  • Please also make sure you have reviewed our terms and conditions.
  • You can view our refund policy here.
  • Personal details

  • If you are applying for an ILM course, we require date of birth and gender information for their registration purposes. We will not store this data any longer than is necessary to comply with ILM rules.

  • Course selection

  • You'll find cohort numbers on our course dates page.
  • Accredited Prior Learning (APEL)

    Participants who have previously received coach training with the Performance Coach may be able to join programmes at different stages. If you are applying for an APEL module, please specify it below and we will arrange for you to speak with our APEL assessor.
  • Purchase order information (optional)

  • If you need to supply a purchase order (PO) number for your invoice you can do so here.
  • Invoicing details (ignore this section if you are paying for your course yourself)

  • Photograph

  • Accepted file types: png, jpg, gif.
  • Additional information

  • Payment options

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If a company is paying for your place on a course, please check with them how they would like to pay (i.e. deposit first, or full fee) before answering this question.
  • Accept terms and conditions, and proceed to payment

  • Staying in touch