Why our coaching goes beyond executives

“Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance.”
― Sir John Whitmore

Leadership begins with self-leadership. Wherever pressure exists, our values come under assault. No matter how many times we repeat the mantra, “trust the process,” our mindset may buckle at the point of impact if our inner and outer worlds are not aligned. This is not just an issue in the corporate world.

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The psychosynthesis of work and life

“The starting point is curiosity: pondering why the default exists in the first place.” – Adam Grant, Originals

When the war stories told in the workplace are primarily about what people have sacrificed for the company, there is an assumption presented: “In order to be valued here, you need to be willing to let work take over.” Beneath that, there is another assumption: “Work and life are separate things.”

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Is this it? (and other questions leaders ask themselves)

Today’s unpredictable world, characterised by disruption and constant change, requires different leadership, that starts with asking different questions.

What guides your actions? How do you stay true to what you believe in? How is what you’re doing making a difference? Can you deliver what matters? And are you delivering what matters the most? Failing to ask such questions means you’re unlikely to be inspiring your organisation and you risk being left behind. You might be managing the day-to-day, but you’re not thriving or moving beyond the horizon of your last plan. 

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To leave or stay? When core values conflict with your leader

As we grow as leaders, we become more aware of our values. Often this is a process of discovery as we learn how to separate our own beliefs from unhealthy principles we may have been taught in the past. When we begin to outwork our newly unearthed values, we can experience resistance from the organisations we work within. This can be the teething problems of growing together as a company, but sometimes it can come from the people we are directly responsible to. So what should you do when your own values and those of your leader are in conflict?

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15 signs a coach can deliver what they claim

In theory the first sign should be a qualification. ICF, EMCC, ILM and the Association for Coaching are the main accrediting bodies for leadership coaches. They all exist to uphold a certain standard of coaching, and require that coaches exhibit self-awareness and relational skill, and learn accepted models, techniques and ethics, but two coaches with the same accrediting body can still have very different approaches to coaching.

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How to stay true to your values as a leader

“We need leaders to be more than just figureheads and fall guys…leadership is not a thing but a process – as we have defined it – to coordinate and direct.” – Nigel Nicolson, The “I” of Leadership

Leadership is a process of making decisions that affect other people. Our personal decision-making informs how our team makes decisions, which determines what our organisation becomes. Whether it becomes anything worthwhile will depend on what values we set out with and whether we stayed true to those same principles.

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