Is this it? (and other questions leaders ask themselves)

“Today’s unpredictable world, characterised by disruption and constant change, requires different leadership, that starts with asking different questions.

What guides your actions? How do you stay true to what you believe in? How is what you’re doing making a difference? Can you deliver what matters? And are you delivering what matters the most? Failing to ask such questions means you’re unlikely to be inspiring your organisation and you risk being left behind. You might be managing the day-to-day, but you’re not thriving or moving beyond the horizon of your last plan.

When you’re swept along, it’s easy to forget the bigger picture of what you want to leave behind for your people, your family and your organisation.”
TPC Leadership manifesto

“It has always been accepted as a singular triumph on the part of an individual human being to find real happiness in work or in marriage” – David Whyte: The Three Marriages – Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship

The poet David Whyte works with the idea that there are “questions that can make or unmake a life … questions that have no right to go away.” Questions that have no right to go away, Whyte says, are those that have to do with the person we are about to become. They almost always have something to do with how we might be more generous, more courageous, more present, more dedicated and they also have something to do with timing: when we might step through the doorway into something bigger, better—both beyond ourselves and yet more of ourselves at the same time.

In our work with leaders the questions that don’t go away often remain internal. Unvoiced until that is, life – redundancy, illness, death, divorce – forces a reckoning. Is this it? What on earth am I doing with my life? Am I making a difference? How do I ensure I don’t damage this relationship? Is it worth it? When was the last time you gave yourself space to explore these kind of questions?

In March 2019, we are inviting senior leaders to join us in Morocco for a unique development experience. 6 days of concentrated, facilitated thinking time in a community of peers. Space to explore life’s bigger questions, where you can actively work with meaning and purpose in a learning environment that will inspire, nourish and challenge. 1-1 coaching before and after the programme will support you to stay committed to your intentions and embed change. A leadership “retreat” which will give you:

  • A deeper appreciation of yourself as a leader and influencer
  • Greater clarity about what’s important to you and what you want to radiate
  • The ability to connect to what gives you a sense of meaning and purpose
  • Increased confidence to take risks to be yourself
  • The freedom to “do” and “be” more through a greater sense of choice and responsibility
  • An understanding of the impact you want to make – your legacy
  • Renewed appreciation of your power to “do good” and be of service to others
  • Tools to stay intentional about the life you are creating
  • Clarity about the next steps in your leadership adventure
  • A community of peers to challenge and support you in your journey

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