Happy New Year from TPC Leadership!  After the excesses of the festive season, the start of the new year falls at a time when most of us feel the need to rein in the eating and drinking, give up smoking / chocolate / meat, lose some weight and get fit.  Couple this with the pressure to make each year better than the last and you have the perfect conditions for the NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION.

It is well known that most resolutions are bound to fail (usually by the end of January!).  By setting ourselves extreme and unrealistic targets we are setting ourselves up to fail and, worst of all, we feel the need to tell everyone our goals so our failures are usually very public ones.  How can we win at the New Year’s Resolution game?

What are resolutions really about?  They seem fall into two categories:

  • Getting rid of bad habits / negative behaviour
  • Learning / achieving something new

So how can we set ourselves up to succeed? Take control – choose to make changes that really resonate with you.  Don’t be pressured into doing something if your heart is not in it.  Be realistic – this is the bedrock of behavioural change.  If you are just starting a fitness regime, don’t plan to run a marathon by March – but plan to factor in half an hour, twice a week to go for a run.  Set some short-term and some long-term goals – what is the end game?  If you are looking to lose 20 kilos, then that should be a long-term goal with short-term milestones that will help enable that goal – give up sugar in tea, do a weekly exercise class, go for a walk, join a slimming group etc.  Enable yourself – if you resolve to learn a new language or write a book you will need to give yourself the tools and the time.  You will need to proactively factor this into your life or life will get in the way.  Book the time in your diary and stick to it.  Synergise – it is always good to have friend to share your journey with and this comes with the added motivation of not letting someone down and the joy of helping someone else achieve their goal.

And last but not least, be kind to yourself – no one is perfect and the old adage that if at first you don’t succeed try, try again is a good one.  Life will always throw you a curve ball.  You can review and revise your goals at any time throughout the year to take into account the other things that are going on in your life. Oh, and maybe be careful about who you share your plans with…if you don’t want to be in the resolution race to success!

A new year’s resolution should be for life, not just for January.

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