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Vicky Ferrier - Associate Partner

We make our own epoch.


Vicky sees her role as being someone who enables people to listen to their own voice and to question the limiting assumptions that are preventing them from living a rich and significant life - from doing work that matters. This comes from having the courage to follow their talent, from following that big “yes” burning inside and by living by their highest priorities.

Vicky is passionate about supporting leaders to “do leadership”; being a genuine leader is often in tension to progressing one’s career. She makes this possible by encouraging them to be congruent, develop a leadership voice, have a compelling story of the change being sought and by creating leadership capability in the people they wish to lead.

Her focus is always on how the work the team does creates value - connecting this to how that’s measured in the outside world - via competitive advantage, sustainable financial performance and the share price. She is particularly interested in decision-making in an ever-more volatile world and the role diverse teams play in avoiding groupthink and succumbing to the pressures of short-termism.

Vicky brings a high degree of presence, energy and a sense of potential and possibility such that her clients are able to step into the next epoch of their existence.


Leadership Development Experience

Vicky has worked as a coach, facilitator and consultant with a number of global organisations.

Her recent team and individual assignments have been focused on the role purpose and values play in driving performance and the responsibility leadership has for meaning and organisational culture.


Other Relevant Experience

Prior to joining TPC Leadership, Vicky spent 10 years in leadership roles in commercial finance (Procter & Gamble, Alliance Boots) and 5 in investor relations and communications (SABMiller, Weir).  Leading a number of high profile merger and acquisitions projects developed her expertise in integrations, giving her a deep appreciation for the contribution people and culture make in deals that succeed in creating value and how to lead through change. Her last role was Finance Director for Boots’ UK stores, one she combined with Head of L&D.


Education, Qualifications & Certifications

  • Certified Time to ThinkTM coach
  • EMCC certified Coach Practitioner
  • Certified in Business NLP at practitioner level
  • Certified in Quantum Leadership from Oxford Systems Dynamics
  • Certified to deliver the Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tool
  • Chartered Accountant
  • MA in English Literature (University of Aberdeen)