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TPC Leadership was founded in 2000, and is now serving clients across more than 100 countries from our global offices. We have built credibility, experience and reputation amongst the Professional Services sector, and are proud to have co-created solutions with many international clients, including:

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Our leadership programmes are co-created with you, designed around your business objectives and individual needs and based on the outcomes you wish to see as part of any learning journey.

With increasing numbers of millennials now reaching managerial level, we recognise their interest in following up on key messages through technology. We use a range of platforms to further enhance learning, including videos, webinars, apps (mobile and web-based), podcasts and blogs. Our digital partners support us through the provision of technologies that enhance and embed behavioural change.

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Services offered

Business Skills Development

Business Skills Development

Skills that are beneficial to employees of a Professional Services organisation, with solutions that are tailored to meet specific client needs.

personal leadership

Personal Leadership Capabilities

Leaders who are self-aware are better equipped to develop relationships with others, to manage themselves and to understand that they need to continue to develop themselves for growth.

relational leadership

Relational Leadership Capabilities

Relational Leadership is about leading more effectively through others and building skills and capabilities to communicate their requirements more effectively; to engage, motivate and influence through clear and more powerful conversations; to foster the devolution of responsibility and power; promote the recognition of choice and to increase the ability of others to take initiative and lead in their own right.

Team Leadership

Team Leadership Capabilities

Team Leadership is about understanding the wider strategic mission and vision of the organisation, its relationship with its current operational tasks and discerning how to support teams to work to their best in achieving results for the long term, not just the short term goals.

Systemic Leadership

Organisational Leadership Capabilities

Organisational Leadership is about enabling leaders to adopt a more systems oriented view and reflect on how this is underpinned by a more holistic understanding of an organisation and its people, recognising the impact of complex interdependent systems (gravity - "head down") and remembering to look up and around! Organisational Leadership teaches that the answers of the system lie within the system - and encourages people to consider that systems work best when effort is made to maximise strengths rather than focus on weaknesses.

Coaching Services v2

Leadership Coaching Services

Our Leadership Coaching Services are designed with you in mind. Whether you are a single person with a specific development need, an organisation wanting to use individual coaching across the workforce or a team that wants to work together more effectively, we can deliver a coaching intervention that will address your goals.

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