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Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for Leaders – different leadership styles and where coaching sits

By Biran Yilancioglu | January 21, 2021

Why every leader needs coaching in their skillset  We know that coaching is a valuable leadership skill, yet in many businesses it’s not at the top of the agenda to …

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Career Development Managers

Career Development Managers Training – A Case Study

By TPC Leadership | January 20, 2021

Working with our global consulting client since 2011 we have co-developed career development training for the Career Development Managers. The programme, in addition to the individual’s personal development has given …

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talent development for lawyers

Why law firms should have an embedded Talent Development Process – a route to enhanced performance

By TPC Leadership | January 13, 2021

We believe that the legal sector can look to another professional services sector for learnings around talent development.  Employee talent development processes and dialogues are very commonplace in consulting firms.  …

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What do the next generation of leaders need to do as we approach singularity?

By Hilary Harvey | January 7, 2021

As technology evolves, machine learning is becoming the new tool in the hands of computer scientists, social media and governments. Businesses and healthcare organisations too are increasingly making use of …

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2020 reflection and 2021 goal setting

By Charles Brook | December 15, 2020

2020 has been a year like no other and as it draws to a close we may start thinking about what will hopefully be a more positive 2021.  It is …

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Global diversity & inclusion – present and future

By TPC Leadership | December 15, 2020

With  Hilary Harvey and Tom Van Dyck. So much has been disrupted and so little has shifted. This is the paradox that leaders need to understand in the wake of …

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Technology: Who’s being included? Who’s being ignored?

By TPC Leadership | December 10, 2020

When we examine whether technology is really serving us, we have to interrogate who we include when we think of us. In the attempt to increase productivity and make our …

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Leadership in complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty

By Charles Brook | December 3, 2020

Legal firms can learn lessons from Agile leadership even though they may not perceive themselves to be in a fast moving, ever changing world.  Over the past few months, almost …

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Business Development for Lawyers

By Tom Bird | December 3, 2020

In this week’s blog, TPC Leadership Associate Tom Bird is focusing on business development for lawyers. Are you a lawyer for whom sales or business development is on the bottom half …

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