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Trust and empathy are signs of true leadership, versus management.  Make it clear to your people that you understand their challenges, and that you trust them to make the right decisions. How do you do that when you do not have face to face team meetings, neither spontaneous chit chat talks when you see other in the office, meet at the coffee machine or talk over a lunch break?

Create structures for team collaboration, a daily/weekly “walk in” session via Zoom or webex will encourage teams to stay connected. By continuing to invest in and develop your remote staff and virtual teams, you will create engagement and a healthy climate for adapting to change. Find creative, innovate ways to reach your goals.

TPC Leadership is offering the programme ‘Leading virtual teams’.

It entails a virtual programme for team leads and their team members to

  • Learn how to lead their team and work smoothly together when not physically present
  • Be virtually savvy and bring their team working to a higher level
  • Experience the power of virtual workshops and value the outcomes

Learning outcomes

  • Being aware that it requires a new mindset, skills, and behaviours to work remote – not just imitation of offline behaviours. Digital and facilitation skills are a need to have.
  • Be virtually savvy to bring your team working to a higher level
  • Learn how to lead your team and work smoothly together when not physically present
  • Experience the power of virtual meetings and workshops and value the outcomes


  • Teamleads leading remote teammembers
  • Everyone working remotely and being part of a virtual team.


  • We deliver what we teach: Our trainings are an experience in itself by using the whole bandwidth of interactive digital tools and facilitation techniques.

Technical requirements

  • Depending on the clients digital ecosystem, e.g. zoom.us, Microsoft teams, trello, slack, …


  • Maximum participants: 20
  • Interactive 4 hr or 2x2 hr sessions.

For more information and guidance, please contact your local office or contact us and we will connect you directly.