The Leadership Sessions is a podcast series of captivating conversations with exceptional leaders from around the world sharing their insights, experiences, thoughts, and personal opinions about what leadership means and what it takes to be effective.

In this introductory episode, we are joined by:

Annelieke Jense, Chairwoman of TPC Leadership and managing partner of TPCL The Netherlands and Tom Van Dyck, Member of the Management Board of TPC Leadership and managing partner of TPCL Belgium.

Anyone can be an inspirational leader in their field and sometimes it is those who are least expected to show great leadership who are the most inspirational. With the Leadership Sessions, we do not just target the C-suite of big corporates but aim to draw from a cross section of inspirational leaders. 

How often are we able to draw back the curtain and hear them candidly discuss their thoughts, concerns, insights, and preoccupations about the issues that confront them? How do they manage their leadership roles and balance the rest of their lives? How do they frame the major issues that businesses and societies are being forced to deal with: diversity, multi-culturalism, redefinition of the workplace, flexible working and recognising employee individuality, social responsibility, and sustainability in all its forms…? Listeners are a fly one the wall, listening in and being part of the conversation. 

Like their musical namesake, the Leadership Sessions aim to be an open format, each guest deciding for themselves how and what to contribute to the conversation. And as with a musical jamming session, the aim of each conversation is to allow it to follow its own flow and meander, and to discover where it will end up. 

Engaging, resonant, relevant, thought provoking, the Leadership Sessions offer a front row seat to all existing and aspiring leaders to consider the elusive meaning of leadership. Whether you are a senior executive, a team leader, an HR professional, a line manager, the Leadership Sessions will have something for you that will challenge your thinking, help you deal with that next hurdle, or inspire your next step. 

Join us on the Leadership Sessions. We would love to continue the conversation with you.

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