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Ozlem Rodoslu - Managing Partner


Özlem Rodoslu is a leadership consultant who contributes to the development of corporations and individuals in a wide perspective from relational terms to the team, organization and systemic dimensions. In that regard, she challenges the business partners into transforming their potential into performance by means of being a moderator for them to realize their needs and to make them realize these needs.

Leadership Development Experience

She aims at sustainability in the impact of the transformation that is experienced by both individuals and corporations on the system and the future thanks to her long years of global experience in senior executive positions, consultancy, mentorship, coaching and facilitation enriched through her experience as a scholar.

As of 2000, she has provided trainings and consultancy to large national and international companies in the realm of Leadership, Coaching, Mentorship, Facilitation and Change Management.

Özlem has prominent experience in Executive, System and Team Coaching with over 4.000 coaching hours throughout years aside from her certifications from ICF (International Coach Federation) ‘MCC – Master Certified Coach’ and EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) ‘Senior Practitioner’. She also functions as a certified facilitator and systemic team coach. She is an official member of the Global Forbes Coaches Council.

She has modelled her coaching by blending the trainings she has involved in Cognitive Therapy, Metacognitive Therapy, System Cycle, Psychodrama, Neuroscience and Holistic Psychology and diverse schools of coaching. She has empowered these coaching skills with her knowledge of brain and psychology. She is also an authorized user of personality inventory that has a worldwide reference.

She is an international ‘Faculty’ member of TPC Leadership, who can provide ICF ACTP and EMCC certified Coaching and Mentoring Programs.

Over years, Özlem has involved in many innovative and disruptive practices with various organizations as well as delivering certified training for them. These practices and training have covered differing subjects from leadership to change and strategic, thanks to her approaches nourished by IAF (International Accreditation Forum) Proses and Content Facilitation and INSEAD Design Thinking Courses.

She also consults companies in terms of Leadership Development, Internal Mentoring, Internal Coaching, Strategy, Change and Culture, and particularly acts as a keynote speaker for companies on Leadership in Turbulent Times, Neuroscience and Leadership.

Having delivered lectures on Coaching and Leadership Communication both in class and through e-learning at Istanbul Bilgi University MSc Program in Turkish and English as a part-time lecturer, Rodoslu has also had a prominent role in EMCC as an ‘International Assessor’.

Other Relevant Experience

Özlem functioned as the Vice President, as the member of Board of Directors and Executive Board in the leading organizations and the industries of Investment Banking, Banking, Finance, Aviation, Energy, Logistics, Constructions and various NGOs by taking on responsibilities related to Turkey and different countries for more than 25 years.

Education, Qualifications & Certifications

• School of Business Administration, Istanbul University
• Contemporary Business Administration, Marmara University
• Executive MBA, Manchester University
• Strategic Human Resources Management, UCLA
• Design Thinking, INSEAD
• A number of courses related to leadership, coaching and mentoring programs, from a wide variety of establishments, including: Harvard Leadership e-learning, Drucker Management Path and Leadership Facilitation, Gestalt Coaching & Presence, CTI Leadership, IAF Facilitation, AOEC Executive Coaching, AOEC Systemic Coaching, The Whole Partnership Systemic Coaching with Constellations, Erickson Solution Focused Coaching & Training the Trainers for Coaching, Cognitive Therapy, Psycho Drama Studies and Transactional Analysis