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Work more confidently and effectively with senior teams in complex environments.

Our Team Coaching MasterClass is ideal for coaches who have a good level of core coaching skills and wish to explore, improve and validate their work as a coach with teams.


This programme is aimed in particular at:

  • Leaders, managers and professionals who have coaching skills and want to develop their ability to improve the engagement, performance and the climate of the teams they lead and interact with.

  • Professional executive coaches who want to develop specific skills to provide high quality team coaching among their services.


Team Coaching is the art of maximizing the performance of a group by increasing its ability to collaborate effectively to achieve common goals.

Our Team Coaching MasterClass draws on a wide range of academic research, and has been developed out of our extensive international experience of working with a wide variety of groups and senior leadership teams over the last 18 years.

In this MasterClass we share our learning of what is required to make team coaching engaging, inspiring, impactful and pragmatic; what works – and what doesn’t!


  • Work with a best-in-class faculty of senior team coaches with international experience with boards, functional teams and C-levels in different industries

  • Improve your personal confidence, credibility and professionalism as a team coach

  • See your training recognized by the International Coach Federation for a total of 20,5​ ​CCEU​ ​hours​ (Core Competencies: 13,25 hours - Resource Development: 7,25 hours).


Each workshop combines elements of theory, practice and discussion about the practical implications of using the new skills and their application in a working context.

Workshop 1 (2 days):
Intro to Team Coaching

  • Understand the core approaches, skills and concepts required to coach teams and groups effectively within their organisational context and environment.

  • Understand how to translate your one to one coaching abilities into a team context - and what additional knowledge and skills are required for effective team coaching

  • Learn how to design team development interventions that meet the operational and strategic needs of the organisation

  • Practice and receive feedback on your team facilitation and team coaching skills to work more confidently with groups and teams in organisational contexts and complex systems.

Workshop 2 (1 day):
Systemic Team Coaching

  • Gain a better understand team's dynamics to quickly assess team’s pitfalls and identify strategies to create greater team cohesion, collaboration and performance

  • Learn how to map, engage and manage organisational stakeholders in an effective way to create team coaching programmes delivering long-term value for the system


  • Pre-programme briefing conference call (90 minutes) to prepare you for the programme, enabling you understand the requirements of the programme and set your personal objectives.

  • Co-Supervision with a peer participant, to enable coaches to deepen their knowledge of applied learning and help to introduce the value and practice of quality supervision.

  • Team coaching evaluation of your practical skills

  • Access to our online learning resources via our Learning Management System

  • Following the completion of each workshop, participants are invited to attend group coaching supervision. While not mandatory, we advise it as a way of embedding the learning from the MasterClass.


Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance from TPC Leadership on completion of the programme.


The MasterClass also provides 20,5​ ​CCEU​ ​hours​ (Core Competencies: 13,25 hours - Resource Development: 7,25 hours) which can be used by coaches wanting to certify their learning in order to renew or acquire an International Coach Federation credential.