Organization and Leadership Solutions

Set the next phase of your organization in motion and create sustainable change.

Leadership Development

Nurture a different kind of leader, enabling your people to build resilience, find deeper meaning in what they do, and rise to their potential.

Cultural Change

Build a different kind of environment where skilled leaders can emerge, morale can remain high, and brilliant ideas can come from anywhere, even in the face of uncertainty.

Executive Leadership

Role-model and articulate the radical change you wish to see, so that everyone in your organization has a clear and inspiring example to follow.

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Sustainable Solutions Are Rarer Than They Should Be

Organizations often struggle to create long-lasting change because they are relying on a single aspect of a holistic solution – a new strategy, a cultural initiative, a technology solution – or because leaders refuse to face their own ego.


To create sustainable change, we have to interrogate barriers on a personal, team, culture and systemic level. This can take many forms, but it might involve reviewing structures to make a cultural initiative more sustainable. Or reviewing an executive team’s leadership style and approach in light of a new shared sense of purpose. Or creating opportunities for each person’s purpose to be pursued in a way that leads to organizational success.

Some of Our Clients

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Why TPC Leadership?

For the last two decades, our people have been working with leading organizations to unpick unhelpful paradigms and systems, measure what matters, and create better outcomes for people, the planet and stakeholders.

How We Work With Clients

Formed over more than 20 years, our whole-business approach to solving challenges is results-oriented, designed to take your people and systems inside out to lay a foundation for sustainable change.

Latest Research & Insights

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