Adrienne Kelbie, CBE and Hilary Harvey, from TPC Leadership, discuss leadership insights in this free-flowing business interview as we reflect on International Women’s Day 2023 and Women’s History Month. These events emphasise the need for gender equality and celebrate women’s contributions in all aspects of life. The theme for International Women’s Day 2023 is “Embrace equity,” encouraging everyone to challenge gender bias and inequality, while Women’s History Month recognises the achievements of women throughout history who have faced discrimination and barriers to success. Both events remind us of the importance of empowering women and promoting equality.

Adrienne Kelbie is an accomplished executive coach, non-executive director, board advisor, and facilitator who is passionate about helping organizations transform their culture, processes, and relationships to create value for stakeholders. She brings deep personal insight from successful transformations and cultural change in different sectors, and is accredited in various psychometrics. Adrienne has completed leadership programs at Oxford University and IMD Business School, and holds a CBE for services to the nuclear industry, diversity, and inclusion, and has four professional fellowships. In January 2022, she took up the inaugural Chair role at Nuclear Waste Services.

Hilary Harvey is a highly experienced Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach, with expertise in the areas of leadership development, executive coaching, and training. She has a particular interest in helping leaders enhance their authority, presence, and impact through voice work. With a background in social care and non-profits, innovation and co-production, she is committed to sustainable and systemic interventions that support behavior change over the long term.

Key topics:
What have been some of the major challenges Women leaders face?

What’s the shift that’s really needed by leaders in organisations create more inclusive cultures?

What would your advice be to younger women who are kind of progressing in their leadership journey, and facing some of the challenges that you have faced?

And thinking about women in leadership? What is important for you about equity?

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