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Businesses invest an incredible amount of time and money in their leaders, and rightly so. But unless they invest in the right way, they are wasting precious resources, and crucially, their leaders remain undeveloped.

Hundreds of millions of pounds are spent on leadership development annually, averaging £1400 per manager in the private sector according to a survey conducted by CMI and Penna. So turning that into a measurable pay-off should surely be a priority, right? Here are five ways we have found that produce results:

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How to align your inner and outer worlds

Have you ever found yourself acting contrary to your core convictions? When we’re at base camp it can be easy to draft out an organisation’s ethos. But when we’re approaching high altitude – and the wind feels like it’s going to blow us off the mountain – it can be easy to dig into old habits and slip into survival techniques that ignore our personal or corporate vision. 

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Why Questions Matter More Than Answers

Answers make us feel like experts. They give us confidence to make a great sales pitch. But if we hold onto them too tightly, they can give rise to a dangerous leadership dynamic.

Questions make us feel uncertain. Uncomfortable. Even vulnerable. They require us to analyse our assumptions and risk our reputations as the ‘experts.’ But when we use them correctly they break us out of boundaries we didn’t understand we were working within.

Here we present the pitfalls of answers and the overlooked qualities of questions. As Peter Drucker said, “There are few things as useless, if not dangerous, as the right answer to the wrong question.”

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Leidinggeven en bescheidenheid. Gaat dat samen?

Een leidinggevende zien we graag als een sterke persoonlijkheid, zeker wanneer een organisatie afhankelijk is van zijn of haar beslissingen. Maar stel je je bescheiden op, dan erken je als leidinggevende dat je zwakheden hebt.

Bescheidenheid is niet minder over jezelf denken, maar minder aan jezelf denken – C.S. Lewis

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