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Karin Vervoort - Senior Leadership Consultant

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”

(Christopher Columbus )


Karin strongly believes that people are full of talent and potential and she thrives on enabling professionals to grow, feel happier and achieve more. When people truly connect with themselves and others they become spirited and dedicated. That not only results in more enjoyment and satisfaction but also in higher performance. For individuals, teams and organisations.
Key in her opinion is working on ‘self’, creating alignment between our inner and outer worlds. It takes courage and perseverance to go beyond your comfort zone, but it’s a more than worthwhile adventure because that is where learning inside, creativity and magic happens.

Karin works in a collaborative way with her clients to explore the resources enabling them to make the shift they strive for. Key in her approach is that she focusses on what’s going well, amplifying strengths, motives, ideals. Karin takes a holistic approach and intervenes with scientific theories and insights such as positive psychology, solution focussed coaching, RET, mindfulness. People appreciate her empathy, explorative mind, sharp observations, honesty and enthusiasm.

Leadership Development Experience

Karin specialises in (executive) coaching and leadership development. Throughout her career she has coached & trained leaders from professional to executive level. At a more organisational level she is a thinking partner to HR and management, facilitating them to create ways and find solutions to evolve, adapt and grow. Her client base is diverse, from law firms, to financial institutions to media, universities and strategy consultancy firms.

Other Relevant Experience

Karin has over 20 years of experience as a business professional in several top-tier organisations in the financial and professional services industry. First as company lawyer at Banque Nationale de Paris and AEGON Investments, subsequently as leadership development consultant for International banks.

Education, Qualifications & Certifications

  • MSC in Law, University of Leiden, 1992
  • Post-graduation Career Counseling, Hogeschool Utrecht, 2001
  • Professional coaching, RINO Amsterdam, 2004
  • Solution Focussed coaching, RINO Amsterdam,2014
  • Mindfulness, by Dr. Edel Maex, ZNA-Antwerp, 2014
  • Mentor coaching, RINO Amsterdam, 2015
  • Licensed in Reflector360° feedback tool/PiCompany & NEO-PI-R personality questionnaire/Swets Test Publishers