Investing in the leadership of the future – our charity partnership with WYSE International


In this blog TPC Leadership Partner, Hilary Harvey talks about our charity partnership with WYSE International.

At TPC Leadership, we are proud of our long-term support and partnership with WYSE International, a charity dedicated to providing leadership training and capacity building for emerging leaders who are creating positive change in their local and global communities and actively working towards a world that is more peaceful, more equitable and more sustainable. The partnership was developed through Andrew McDowell, one of our Senior Partners who has been a Director of WYSE for over 25 years and has been a mutually enriching opportunity for many of our staff as well as the charity and the young people it supports. 

About WYSE

WYSE is a UK-based charity that is recognised as an NGO actively supporting the aims of the United Nations through the UN Department for Global Communication (formerly the Department of Public Information). Founded in 1988, its mission is to support emerging leaders for global change, which it does through intensive residential leadership programmes and coaching support for 18-35-year-olds. 

Participants come from a wide range of backgrounds and geographies, and an even wider range of ideas for how to address our world’s many global challenges. Some start political movements that galvanise thousands of other young people to take part in the democratic process, some work in slums to develop educational projects that address period poverty and enable girls to stay in school, others create men’s mental health programmes that reduce the levels of male suicide, or are scientists working to find solutions to climate change – the list is long and ever-growing!

WYSE provides much-needed support for young people who are full of energy and enthusiasm for tackling the biggest challenges of our time, and who often feel very alone in their fight to lead for change against the odds. It offers a full-tuition scholarship to all participants, as well as additional hardship bursaries in order to provide leadership education to the young people who are most likely to make a difference, and yet least likely to have access to the training that will support them to create a sustainable change. The staff are primarily professional leadership educators or social change experts who volunteer their time.

How TPC Leadership UK and other offices support WYSE

We’re really pleased to do this in several ways.

  1. Through an annual financial contribution
  2. Through providing faculty for the leadership programmes and coaching on a pro-bono basis
  3. In the UK, several members of our management team also hold pro-bono leadership positions at the charity


We believe that many, if not all, of the world’s crises that we are facing today are a result of poor leadership that uses outdated ways of thinking, doing and being. Like us, WYSE is working to solve this crisis in leadership by strengthening the resolve of the next generations of leaders to act with integrity to live their clear sense of values and shared global citizenship. Supporting WYSE gives us the opportunity to live each one of our company values and to make a meaningful contribution of both our leadership and coaching expertise as well as financial aid. WYSE is a small charity that makes a big difference to young people’s lives, and we know that our support is a major help to enable the organisation to continue its mission.

We also know that TPC team members who volunteer their time as leadership faculty and coaches are inspired and energised by their experiences and find that they are also personal and professional development opportunities full of growth and learning. We’re really proud of the work we do together with the WYSE team and hope that you are inspired to find your own opportunities to contribute to a cause that’s close to your heart.

If you would like to find out more about the charity, please visit or contact Hilary Harvey at, Twitter @HilaryJHarvey

Hilary is a member of the leadership team at WYSE International and a Partner at TPC Leadership UK.

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