TPC Leadership has been helping people, leaders and organisations transform from good to great for 20 years.   The current world crisis is so life changing, forcing all to transform from humans of contact, to a world governed by social distancing.  This is putting insurmountable pressure on us all, a pressure leaders are unable to avoid.

TPC Leadership can help you in this period of physical isolation, to find ways of not only keeping contact with your team but helping you lead your team through this crisis.     The processes of change is not easy, it takes time to adjust to a new working culture.

Our programmes will facilitate you and your team in an agile way, through virtual offerings and regular webinars with global participants going through similar challenges.

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We offer to our clients a series of webinars each covering a topic that is related to the complex challenges we currently face.

The webinars will have a duration of 2 hours, including sessions of Q&A.

The sessions will be run in English.

Presenters and moderators:

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Upcoming webinar:
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