Leadership Development

Our leadership development gives your people the capabilities to create better outcomes for the planet, society and your bottom line.

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Organizations Are Only as Effective as Their People

Effective leadership starts by asking different questions. What guides your actions? How do you stay true to what you believe in? And are you delivering what matters most?


Whether you’re leading through crisis, change or scaling, you’ll want your organization to get a proper diagnosis before you decide on how to move forwards.

Measure and Increase Your Leadership Capacity

We use many tools to identify your people’s current individual and collective leadership capabilities, including psychometrics, feedback on perception from others, and behavioral interviewing.

This enables us to co-design a program or intervention that will create measurable and post-conventional impact. This impact is made sustainable by a holistic leadership model, an experiential learning approach, and technology that fosters continuous learning and peer-to-peer interaction.

Our Leadership Development Services

Individual Leadership Development

Our individual leadership development creates space for greater self-awareness and taps into people’s curiosity, courage, and drive, so they can lead according to a new status quo.

Team Development

High performing teams can’t be sustained without mutual trust, ongoing reflection, confronting the difficult questions and holding each other accountable. We provide the space you need to get your teams to this point.

Leadership Programs

Cultivate the capabilities you know your people need in wide-ranging programs across your organization’s emotional intelligence, leading through transition, agile working, and more.

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Get the Co-Designed Solution You Need

We co-create leadership development solutions with you, so that you can sustain radical change over the long term. There are also off-the-shelf options if you know exactly what you need. This might involve:

  • Understanding your individual and collective leadership capabilities
  • Finding alignment with strategic needs
  • Facilitating a shift in thinking, focus and mindset
  • Enhancing leadership performance
  • Seeing a shift in individuals, teams and groups
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Partner with TPCL

Our leadership development solutions are part of a whole-business approach that helps you deliver on your organizational strategy. Starting from the inside out, our approach is measured, experiential, and sustainable.
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