TPC Leadership recognises that many of the challenges facing developing leaders are the same for men and women. However there are particular challenges facing women who are seeking to develop their capabilities, impact and effectiveness.

We have supported thousands of women leaders globally in developing themselves, their teams and their careers by helping them to explore topics such as:

  • Authenticity – what is my ‘personal brand’? What has been my journey so far and what next?
  • Authority and Impact – how to be heard and how to lead others; how to bring the best of myself to what I do
  • Resilience – how do I maintain and sustain my energy? How can I juggle multiple priorities and still excel at what I do? How can I work under pressure and develop strategies for resilience?

In addition to our executive coaching offering, where our faculty support women in a 1:1 coaching relationship, we also offer bespoke in house masterclasses and workshops. In the UK we now offer a 3-day Inspiring Women Leaders course – an open programme which is aimed at senior women leaders, or women aspiring to hold senior leadership positions.

We have developed a suite of online, self-assessment and 360 degree diagnostic tools relevant for supporting women leaders. Utilising these tools and supported by a coaching approach, women become more self aware and are enabled to ‘take stock’ and take control of their personal impact and their future.

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