Ticket to being a team coach


Team coaching unlocks a group’s potential and enhances collective intelligence. When your company has skilled, capable people, it helps to step back and view them as more than individuals. Not only do your teams deserve a chance to ‘train their team working muscles’, but the sense of connection it fosters can be a powerful intrinsic motivator.

We enjoyed and were engaged with the Team Coaching Certification Program with TPC Leadership. The session was facilitated with just enough slides to create lot of group engagement and the learnings. Another highlight was to get involved with a real client with real Team Coaching experience. The entire cohort had options to choose between the two live projects. Our cohort worked with the senior leadership team of one of the largest power sector company in India.The Team Coaching purpose was to bring the two merged teams on a common platform to work seamlessly, leveraging the unique strengths and creating bold possibilities in a strategic way.Each project participants [Coaches] were extremely forthcoming to work together as a team and make their active contribution to make the live project a success!

We realised, Team coaching can provide multiple benefits to the individual, the team and the organization. Depending on the set-up of your team coaching environment and the needs and goals of your organization, there are many benefits that could be realized.

Benefits to the individual

  • Learn about other team members in a safe environment
  • Share perspectives in a safe environment
  • Be part of a winning team
  • Be more engaged at work

Benefits to the team

  • Establish a team charter
  • Create an action plan
  • Maintain accountability
  • Showcase individual strengths within the team
  • Resolve conflicts effectively
  • Collaborate towards a common goal

Benefits to the organization

  • Less expensive than one-on-one coaching
  • Experience effective teams that meet their goals
  • Move the company forward
  • Increase employee retention

The live project brought in real possibility of engaging with the client to understand the need and the outcomes expected. This led to doing the pre-work with each team member, collate the responses, presenting the findings with the key stakeholders. This led to understand the team better which was further deepened as we coached the Team for greater cohesion and collaboration. It was a real opportunity to translate our coaching skills in a team context. We were successfully able to apply  the skills and tools learnt in the program to create results. Feels excited about this new beginning of being a “Team Coach”.

– By Parineeta Mehra & Mrunal Lamge

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