The new (hybrid) ways of working – a case from the manufacturing sector


How to untap the potential of virtual teams across a major organisation

Recently TPCL completed an intervention with an iconic international company in the automotive and OEM (original equipment manufacturing) industries with the aim of improving their virtual team leadership, as well as creating a high trust and team performance culture through working virtually. The intervention involves training over 300 managers with fortnightly interactive workshops. It is the first leadership programme deployed worldwide by the company and involves participants with plenty of different nationalities and backgrounds.

Participants reported using the content of the programme to activate conversations with their teams and have put their new skills into practice quickly. The programme highlighted which managers were adopting more innovative approaches. The programme made these managers feel acknowledged and they became role models for colleagues. The organisation feels much more equipped to work virtually and are now planning to adopt a long term 50/50 approach to office and remote working. TPCL has also created the programmes for the mentors at the company, who will keep on supporting contributors and teams in the company which will help develop their behaviours to align with the new philosophy of the organisation.

A senior representative from the company shared the following feedback:

“The programme has been very successful, and we have asked TPCL to develop a further programme targeting contributors and focussing virtual team working skills. My experience working with TPC Leadership has been interesting and insightful because they are very aware of the programme content and how it can work in our context. I have appreciated their capacity to link flexibility, structure, and design. Their consultants have a high level of knowledge in the founding methodologies of both training and coaching, with an innovative unique design skill. They are very sensitive to the feedback and the relationship dynamics in the group and with the clients. I believe TPC Leadership is a strong partner in the transformation of the organisation and would recommend them as trusted partners of complex organisations wanting to start the change process in cultures and behaviours.”

To learn more about new ways of working and how TPCL can help you and your organization suceed working with hybrid and virtual teams don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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